Buddy Toss Mod APK v1.3.8【 VIP, Unlimited Stars, Money 】

CurryGames has produced a very funny and interesting game. Physically-based games are increasingly popular. Angry Birds is a clear example. Today’s game, which we introduce to you, also has a very unique mechanism. It’s not necessary to play high-quality graphics games like PUBG Mobile to enjoy this funny game.

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Name Buddy Toss Mod Apk
Publisher CurryGames
Genre Casual
MOD Features VIP Unlocked , Unlimited Stars 
Version v1.3.8
Size 45 MB
Price FREE To play
Requires Android 4.4+

Gameplay Buddy Toss

As Buddy Toss’s play style can be summed up in two words, “timely touch”. As soon as you touch the ground, your character is thrown into the air by a muscular dog or wrestler that I haven’t found yet. Touch the screen as you get thrown into the air by the muscular dog when you fall down. If you repeat this, the next throw will be higher than the previous one, and you will also earn more points.

Whenever I was a small child, my father would make me this game. Unfortunately, I can’t fly as high as I can in the game. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. Did you ever have a similar experience?

Fly to space

Neither we know nor don’t know what the laws of physics are when we play Buddy Toss. Not only can you fly high, but you can also fly as high as a 30-story building and even fly out into space, transcending gravity. Discover the solar system, galaxies, cosmic black holes, stars, find the Jedi, it takes is a muscled man with a strange hobby to throw others into the air. But remember, be careful! A single incorrect touch will cause the main character of the game to fall 10 million light-years straight to the ground.

Upgrade Characters

In Buddy Toss, character upgrading is the only upgrade available. Once upgraded, your character becomes more maneuverable and can fly higher. What am I supposed to do? A number of stars will be awarded to you after each game. Upgrade your character using the number of stars you earn.

Design of Buddy Toss

Buddy Toss is designed in a cartoony cartoon style with bright colors. You will laugh when you see how they simulate everything. As you fly up into space, you can experience the same feeling as Ant-Man in the quantum world, where there are lots of abstract colors and images. Aside from that, the screams he makes when he falls are hilarious.

MOD version of Buddy Toss

MOD features

Buddy Toss mod apk has unlimited money you can buy any skin you want with that. And it also helps you to get better by upgrading your character.

There are many gamers who want beautiful skins in addition to their goal of growing. Buying skins, however, can be quite expensive.

You need to play a lot and watch a lot of ads to get more stars. Download Buddy Toss MOD APK to save time. The game gives you a lot of stars right away. Before downloading the MOD version, you need to uninstall the version from Google Play.

You are no longer bothered by ads with VIP Unlocked. You can watch an ads video to get stars immediately if you have exhausted your stars in the MOD version.

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK

Generally speaking, Buddy Toss MOD APK is a simple, fun and absolutely free game. The game is suitable for children and adults alike due to its humorous simulation and lack of violence. Maybe the game will cause you a little fear of heights if you are scared of heights!

To download buddy toss mod APK/APK follow these steps:

You only need some knowledge of your android phone to download and install the game.

  • The download link is at the end of the post, click on it to get to another download page.
  • A few seconds will be required to download the file, uninstall the previous version while the file is being downloaded, and enable a third-party app to run.
  • Download the new mobile file manager, install the downloaded file, and your app will be ready in a few seconds.


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