Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a car simulator in which you will play the role of the bus driver. In general, your main goal will be to translate as quickly as possible the maximum number of passengers and as a result earn more money. You can spend the earned money to buy new buses or improve the existing ones. An impressive game world, developed traffic intersections, realistic physics, day and night, as well as the dynamic weather will give realism to the gameplay.

Specifications of Bus Simulator Mod Apk:


Name Bus Simulator: Ultimate
Publisher Zuuks Games
Version 1.5.2
Size 559M
MOD Features Unlimited money, gold
Support Android 5.0+
Get it on Google Play


Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Bus Simulator Mod Apk GAME FEATURES

  • You will be able to have unlimited offices in many places around the world.
  • Passenger system will provide infinite Social and Realistic Reactions.
  • 13 Amazing Coach Bus are unlocked
  • Passengers might review you.
  • Unlocked Realistic Interiors
  • Unlocked 250+ radio stations
  • Highway Toll roads
  • Infinite Rest area
  • Realistic traffic system, weather, Bus sound effects
  • Easy controls (Tilt, Buttons or steering wheel)
  • More than 25 language support

Introduce about Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Before, when thinking of drivers, people will immediately think of fiery races in Asphalt, CrashMetal or Real Racing. So, will a bus driving simulator have a foothold in the market? The Bus Simulator series of Zuuks Games has blown a new wind into the world gaming market and has achieved remarkable success. Including Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the game has reached 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Transforming into a bus driver on the roads, your task is to bring customers “to their destination” on your bus. Pick up, drop off passengers, affirm the brand’s name and prove you’re the number 1 driver.

Become the best driver in Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Before you want to be a good driver, you need to know how to drive first. Players will be able to choose one of two ways to drive, either tilt the machine to move the car or use the buttons on the screen.

If you have ever played Asphalt, you will not be strange with tilting the device to the sides to change the direction of the car. However, this method is relatively difficult to control because you will travel over long distances and will be very tired to maintain the trip if you have to hold the phone for a long time. So, try the second way is to control with buttons.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk

On the left corner of the screen, players can choose between a steering wheel or two left and right buttons to control the direction of the car. The other corner is the two brake buttons, the accelerator and the gear lever. These have the same functions as in real life, allowing players to set the status and speed of the vehicle. Other parameters such as speed, fuel tank are located in the bottom corner of the screen. This is extremely important in Bus Simulator: Ultimate because complying with the specified speed and saving fuel determines the quality and safety of the ride.

In addition, Bus Simulator: Ultimate also provides enough perspective for players to use in situations. In addition to the first and third perspective for driving, players can use left, right, or top-down perspectives when parking or when looking at nearby vehicles. Therefore, players will not worry about accidents caused by blind spots, lack of vision.

Building the biggest bus brand in the world

When starting Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the first thing a player needs to do is register their company name. This is the original company, your organization, and run by you. Saying so, but the amount of capital is not much, you will not be able to hire staff but can only do everything by yourself in the first few days.

Players will have to have clear strategies for vehicles, fares, routes, or even food that sale on your bus. The car you choose must ensure the number of seats, comfort, not spend to much fuel.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Prioritize to use only cheap old cars at the first time, only if you have plenty of money and a large number of customers, you can change to a new bus with more seats. The fare is also kept at a moderate level, balancing the price and the number of people on the bus, so you will get the biggest revenue.

Last and foremost is the route of trips. Players will have to spend money to be able to drive on other routes other than the original route. Transporting customers in developed countries over long distances will help you reap huge profits.

When your business has the size and financial potential, consider hiring other drivers to work for you. More employees means faster company development. Now is the time to become a genuine “boss”!

The Customer is God in Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Indeed, Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a very realistic game when it focuses on the review by customers. Your company’s growth will depend a lot on customer reviews. They know how comfortable and uncomfortable they feel, and can then judge you when the ride ends. If you receive high ratings, your guests will increase over time but will reverse if your service is not good.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk

You should always watch for customer feedback through text messages. Immediately overcome their complaints such as air conditioning problems, loudspeaker volume or personal needs such as hunger or going to the toilet. Otherwise, they will be disappointed with your service.

Terminal – Create your route

To help the cars in the company can roll passengers, you need to set the route. Bus Simulator: Ultimate allows you to select many countries such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Azerbaijan … With realistic maps to each specific city, You can easily create your own route. Note you have to pay for creating a route too.

Garage – Manage and buy new passenger cars

Cars you already own and don’t own are in the Garage. Go to My Vehicles to see what model you have, if you want to buy more, click Gallery. Many outstanding brands such as Tempa, Merce-Ben, Irzar, Setro with many different models. You can easily choose according to parameters such as seats, fuel consumption quickly.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Route – Select the route to depart

The locations you created in Terminal will appear here. For how long you want the distance to go, choose to connect the locations in the Route. Next, choose the driver you have and start the bus waiting for your passengers. If you do not know how to hire a driver, read on the content below.

Drivers – Where to hire drivers

In this section you will see Job Offers on the right-hand side, choose to drive based on the right amount. The further down the list, the higher the amount you pay for drivers. Pay attention to budget so as not to affect the development and maintenance of the company.

Build a bus business and grow to a new level according to your ideas. Bus Simulator: Ultimate creates an environment associated with reality today. Players receive authentic experiences such as traffic systems, weather, feedback from passengers, vehicle control mode


One of the factors that this game makes an impression on players is the sincerity of the environment. Besides the specificity it can bring, it will feel like an ordinary world is opening up to you. Specifically, unlike some games that have an open world for players to experience for themselves without any interference, this game offers a world of simulation, and everything works in it.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk World:

In the world of this game, you won’t be able to do what you want freely. It’s not purely a suppression of your freedom but a genuine experience for you. You will drive a car on the road, and in the car, there will be sure passengers. You will try to safely get them to where they want to go without hitting anything. It is also the factor that makes the game interesting.


As noted above, players will enter a world where they will try to drive their vehicle with utmost care. That gives them a specific challenge when the roads have a certain length and width. While traveling, you will try to create safety in the right lane and control your speed to avoid colliding with other moving cars. That also has a definite impact on customer reviews.

Another factor that gives you an impression and enjoyment is the distribution of the bus’s control functions. Unlike the controls of some games, Bus Simulator: Ultimate offers a precise distribution of left or right controls, gear lever, brake, and other factors. That gives you a specific control skill when trying to observe ahead and move appropriately. Also, this control is completely challenging when the car’s length is not as modest as that of a car.

At the same time, the player can control this car from many different perspectives. The first view is the third perspective that allows you to have a complete overview of your vehicle. That makes it easy to go through some rugged terrain. Another equally exciting perspective is the driver’s perspective, and it offers an entirely authentic and challenging experience if you want to cross the death curves yourself.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate gives you an enjoyable but equally challenging and skillful way of playing. Besides, players can experience many parts of the world where the game is inspired. In other words, you can drive cars on the roads with different characteristics and beauty. Also, this helps you have leisure time and enjoy your journey in the game.

Each terrain has its natural transport system that anyone needs to get used to when experiencing this game. Besides rich in landscape, the game also gives you an element that is the variety of weather. The world in the game will not always be daytime for you to drive conveniently, you also need to deal with different weather patterns, and you will be the one to find a way to overcome them.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate possesses completely impressive gameplay that anyone wants to experience. Operating a bus is never a simple thing as you will have to try to do it in various environmental conditions. On the other hand, there will be many beautiful places that you can enjoy and also pay attention to the traffic there. You will also have the opportunity to experience a variety of buses with different looks, which is also the motivation for you to continue to play this game.

Simulation games are always one of the game genres with vibrant gameplay to bring exciting experiences to players. Real-life activities often inspire these experiences to help players experience things they have never tried before for many different reasons. So one of the games in this genre that many people love is Bus Simulator, which offers an entirely authentic bus driving experience. If you are a lover of exciting and skillful games, you cannot ignore Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

Create your own bus driving business

For starter, Android gamers in Bus Simulator: Ultimate will find themselves being able to enjoy the awesome in-game experiences with their own bus driving business. Here, you can have fun becoming the tycoon of your own bus driving empire. Feel free to enjoy the awesome in-game experiences of bus driving as you establish offices from across the world. Have fun driving on unique and realistic routes that will take you through the in-game experiences. Create your bus driving company and dominate the worldwide markets with many competitors.

Explore the realistic drives across the world

And at the same time, for those of you who’re interested, the game also allows gamers to have fun with their awesome drives across the world. Feel free to establish your offices in many different countries and enjoy your actual drives across the different countries. Create different routes for your customers to book their tickets as you begin your transports through multiple places around the world.

Realistic passengers with their own interactions

Speaking of which, for those of you who’re interested, Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the game also features the in-depth passenger mechanics that would make the entire experiences extremely realistic. With that said, you can find your passenger having their own unique attitudes toward your services and might have different reactions with each of your provided trips.

Feel free to check their reviews and feedback after you finish the rides. Explore the social elements in the game as you attempt to improve your company’s reputations in Bus Simulator: Ultimate. Enjoy the in-depth customer mechanics in the dynamic gameplay of bus simulator.

Have fun with many interesting buses

For those of you who’re interested in Bus Simulator Mod Apk also features many interesting buses from various brands and countries for you to try out. Feel free to purchase 13 different coach buses, each with their own unique builds and features, as you set out for your own amazing rides. Experience the different rides with any of your cars and have fun with awesome bus driving gameplay.

Here, you’ll find each of your vehicles having its own realistic interiors, which boast varied designs and setups. And at the same time, even the bus sounds are different from each other with the realistic sound effects.

Enjoy interesting radio stations during your rides

As you dive into the addictive bus driving gameplay, the game also introduces many interesting entertainments along the way for drivers to enjoy. Here, there are more than 250 different radio stations, which you can have fun with actual casting sessions of their interesting shows. Feel free to have fun with the awesome in-game experiences whenever you’re ready and enjoy the awesome gameplay of simulation to the fullest.

Realistic routes with many awesome features

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers will also find themselves experiencing realistic in-game elements each time you dive into your own bus driving gameplay. Take any of your favorite buses to the different routes and enjoy the realistic experiences as you go.

And as you dive into the rides, gamers will also find themselves enjoying the realistic roads with many relatable in-game elements. Start with the actual highway tolls that are placed along the way and will cost you some case. The roads will also feature rest area for your bus and the customers. Experience actual rides and introduce your customers to many interesting services along the way.

At the same time, feel free to dive into the actual drives that will allow you to enjoy the realistic in-game traffic system. Have fun driving on your actual cars, explore the realistic roads with in-depth traffics, dynamic weathers, and smart AI vehicles that move around you. Plus, the dynamic weathers with multiple conditions will certainly make the rides more realistic and enjoyable.

Simple and accessible touch controls

To make the driving gameplay more realistic and enjoyable, Android gamers in Bus Simulator: Ultimate are also introduced to the simple and accessible touch controls which you can make completely uses of. Feel free to get on your different vehicles and explore the unique controls for each bus. But nonetheless, the simple and easy controls with tilt functionalities, virtual touch buttons, and steering wheel will allow you to effectively guide your buses to the right direction.

Enjoy the game with friends and online gamers

For those of you who’re interested, Bus Simulator: Ultimate also offers the exciting online gameplay for you to enjoy whenever you want. Feel free to join the Multiplayer Ultimate League as you begin your driving competitions with actual gamers. Set up your companies and work hard to compete with others in the transporting industry.

Enjoy your awesome bus driving gameplay in different languages

To make the game suitable for gamers in different countries, Bus Simulator: Ultimate does come with the complete localization of more than 25 different languages. Here, you can enjoy the in-depth language supports to enjoy your bus driving experiences in any of your native languages. Feel free to have fun and enjoy the awesome gameplay of Bus Simulator: Ultimate to the fullest.

Bus Simulator Mod Apk is Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Android gamers in Bus Simulator: Ultimate will also find themselves having the complete access to their favorite gameplay for absolutely free. With that said, you can easily get the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

What is Bus Simulator Mod Apk?

Buses have always been fascinating. They take you from one place to another effortlessly. Even if you want to go to a far place, they can take you in a matter of hours. And most of all, they accommodate a lot of people at once! That’s why there are plenty of buses in the cities. And if you’ve always been curious how it is to drive a bus, you can now drive one in this game!

How to install and download Bus Simulator Mod Apk on Android

The mod apk file is very simple and it is very easy to install this version.

  • Firstly open the website and click the button.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Install the game after downloading.
  • After that, follow the instructions on your Android device.
  • Start the game and enjoy.



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