CamScanner Premium Mod Apk v6.0.5.202 (No Watermark + License Key)

Camscanner Premium Mod Apk is one of the best mobile apps provided by INTSIG Information. Today, there is a lot of text in the form of hardcopy. In today’s world, digital documents have become a necessity for everyone. If you ever need your documents in digital form this app is the best option.

When someone edits it, this work requires a lot of time. To solve this problem INTSIG Information offers a product called CamScanner. This application will make your work easier. You can put the camera in front of your documents, they will automatically scan your page and view images on your phone.

It’s easier to see documents in softcopy than hardcopy. Most people like the easy way out. So, many people want their work to improve quickly.
Camscanner is one of the highest rating applications for scanning your documents and converting images into text. It reaches 4.7/5 stars with more than 2,100,000 votes from users. In this article, we will give you the version that is very satisfying for you. I hope you have a good experience.

Specification of CamScanner Mod Apk:s

NameCamScanner pro mod
Update2 days ago


Camscanner has many powerful features but they are not free. You have to pay to unlock the premium feature. So, many people demand that they use free applications.

That’s why you should use the MOD APK version which you will get totally free on our website. For those of you who are interested, you should use this version of the camscanner mod apk. No payment is required. All advanced features are free in the MOD version. And it doesn’t have any watermark. No ads will disturb you.


Camscanner is a Chinese mobile app for android devices. The app was created in 2011. This app is included in the list of the 50 best apps. 60 million people around the world use this app. More than 50,000 people are registered in this application every day. It offers users to scan documents. And you can use it without any payment with many powerful features in this application. This mobile application is also saving your documents anywhere and anytime.

Awesome Features OF CamScanner Premium APK:

High-quality scanning:

First of all, we talk about its quality. The quality of the camscanner is the best. Text and images are quickly scanned with a high resolution. There may be a small error in it. But it is difficult to find.  You can break down the large image and convert it into an accurate file. Also, its reviews on the google play store are great you can check it.

You can save your documents in it for later use. In this application, your documents become a high resolution. It is very quick to scan your documents. The important fact of this application is you can apply different filters as you want.

Easily share your documents:

After scanning and converting if you want to share your documents with your friends. For sharing documents you can also use social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and line. If you have no internet connection you can also share via Bluetooth.

No Watermark:

Often when we edit and save a file from an app, the watermark of that app is also shown. Due to this watermark, the image of your documents is not good and also does not show high-quality files. So, the solution to this watermark issue is on our website.

This MOD version has no watermark. You can use it free and without a watermark. The quality of your file will look incredible as there is no watermark.

Ads Free Version:

When people think of using a free app. They must think that if it is a free app then it will also have ads. Which does not allow continuity of your work. But the Camscanner pro application has been made ad-free.

Synchronize your file:

Another fact about this application is that it synchronizes your file and automatically uploads it to your mobile folder. If you just save text files like Docx, and Excel, this is quite comfortable for you.

Softcopy to Hardcopy:

Many people want to convert their hardcopy documents into softcopy or digital files. This feature is available in this application. You can easy to convert your documents into PDF or JPEG format.
Convenient search options are available for digital files.

Online Editing features:

For the convenience of users to online editing and unite on their scanned documents. You can edit your documents within a group it’s your choice. 40 participants can add this group at a time.

Password option to protect digital files:

It has also a password option to protect your file. Many people have trust issues for scanning their documents. And some people don’t want to share their documents. Password options are available for those people.

The license of Camscanner Premium Apk:

Those of you who are interested in this app. We will also provide licenses to further improve the work of consumers.

Unlocked application from our website:

In the last, we talk about its unlocking means that this app is fully free on our website. You can download this application without having to pay, for those people who are interested in this app.

Pros and Cons:


  • Camscanner is the best application for scanning documents just for android devices.
  • It is 100% sure that it scans the documents correctly.
  • And it scans documents within one to two seconds.
  • It also has the ability to add multiple documents.
  • Multiples accounts supported.
  • You can also add more than one account for your convenience.
  • Camscanner is safe to use.
  • Save your time if you are using this MOD version.
  • It gives a good quality image.


  • The images created by the camscanner take up a lot of space.
  • The attribute of the final image depends on the attribute of the original image.


Is the camscanner dangerous for our device?

Over 100 million people have downloaded this app through the google play store. Then google delete this scanning app from the play store. That’s why Maybe this is a bit dangerous for us.

Does this application easily extract your file?

Yes, this application extracts your file easier than other app. when you put your document in front of your phone camera, it will extract your document very quickly.

Would it be good for you to use this version?

If you want a higher demand then Yes it is good for you because this version gives you HD images without any payment. You should use this application. This app will be very useful for you. It scans your images well. And gives good results in HD quality. There are many other features such as ID scan mode and different filters. In this free MOD version, you can create only three folders.

Is the Camscanner best for us?

A: Yes, it is the best application for scanning. You can be easy to use. We can easily take a hard copy image of our documents and convert it to PDF or JPEG format. And another amazing option available in this application is that you can convert your photo into text.

How to Download CamScanner Premium on Android:

The following steps are given below to download this APK:

  • First of all, you must have an internet connection.
  • Then, you have to click on the link given below our website to download this scanner APK.
  • And important thing is that you must have an android mobile, not another one.
  • Now, you can go to the settings and click allow installation from unknown sources because sometimes after downloading your Android device does not allow Apk files.
  • When the download is complete, then install the APK file.

How to install:

  • After downloading, you can click the install button.
  • This application will be installed in seconds.
  • After installing the camscanner Apk. Now you can use it and share it with your friends.


Camscanner MOD is best scanner app. If you have to go to the play store and download camscanner, it will be paid. But on our website, you can download this application without any payment. It immediately digitizes your files like notes, invoices, business cards, certificates, and many other documents.
This application scans your documents with high resolution and converts them into PDF or JPEG format. This app is only for android users. Camscanner will easily capture your document’s images and quickly shows the HD result.
After scanning they can be exported to PDF, JPEG, TXT, WORD, or EXCEL. And this application can easily be done using your android phone. we allow the Premium version to give you the most satisfying experience. I hope you have liked this article, if you have liked this article then share it with your friends.

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