City Island 5 Mod Apk v3.20.0【Unlocked Everything】

City Island 5 Mod Apk one of the most popular and popular urban simulators on mobile platforms. Such recognition among fans of the genre project won thanks to the excellent graphics, a huge choice of buildings and buildings, detailed locations and most importantly realistic economic model. And now, before us is the fifth part of the franchise, which retained the main gameplay elements of the previous parts, while the developers certainly did not forget to add new elements and gameplay solutions. So for all fans of the series, and the genre as a whole, City Island 5 mod apk will be an excellent addition to the collection.

Specifications of City Island 5 Mod Apk:

 Name City Island 5
 Compatible with Android 4.4+
 Last version v3.20.0
 Size 66.31 Mb
 MOD Unlimited money
 Category Simulation


The game is the latest installment of the world-favorite city builder game, City Island from Sparkling Society. Here, you’ll become the mayor of your very own town. Start with one small island and turn it into a highly advanced tourist attraction. In addition, you can also send ships and aircraft to look for new locations. Unlock new islands and expand your influences to places that are far away. Explore different environment from frosty islands to volcanos. Build your cities with different themes and unlock regional buildings.


Build your amazing city from a humble beginning

Right off the bat, you’ll be taken to your humble city that has almost nothing on it. Start by building new homes for the citizens, create jobs by having new businesses, provide new services for the people, and more and more will come to your city. Slowly but steady, you’ll have a whole new city with exciting features to explore.

Explore the exciting city builder gameplay with lots of upgradable elements

To make your city grow, you’ll have the options to construct new buildings as well as upgrading the old ones. Give your people new upgrades as you fall in love with your city more and more. And most importantly, you’ll have your chances to explore the exciting customizations that’ll turn your city completely.

Interactive elements to make the game more interesting

Here in City Island 5, you’ll find the cities and people extremely interactive. That being said, you can observe almost every activity of your citizens inside your city. From the traffic situations to their daily commutes. On top of that, you can also collect people’s opinions about your running of the city. Pay attention to their request and satisfy them to collect rewarding prizes.

Intuitive instructions to help you start

And to help new gamers quickly get started in City Island 5, players will also have their chances to explore the world using the intuitive instructions. That being said, in every step of your journey, you can always receive important guides and tutorials from your reliable assistants. Follow their guides to make your city more developed and prosperous.

Collect your reward and earn prizes

As you progress further into the game, you’ll collect experiences points that can be used for leveling up and earning prizes. In addition, by having your mayor leveled up, you’ll also unlock new constructions and features for the city. But keep in mind that the higher the level, the more demanding the people would become.

Explore a huge world with many islands to build

This city builder also game introduces Android gamers to a vast world, in which they can easily travel between different locations to look for new islands. Being a content mayor, it’s your job to send ships and aircraft to every corner of the world to discover hidden lands. Travel to different locations and settle your people in new cities. Build different cities, each with their own characteristics and traits.

Make friends with other mayors and visit their cities

In addition, you can also make new friends on City Island 5 by logging in your Google or Facebook account. See if any of your friends are playing the game and visit their cities. Besides, you can explore other cities just by joining the online communities.

Play the game while you’re offline

For those who often enjoy playing their games during daily commutes, having the offline gameplay enabled will make a world of difference. Now, you can enjoy City Island 5 without having to connect to the Internet whenever you want to play it. And don’t worry, your progress will be safe since the game will automatically update the save files online. Hence, the next time you switch or reset your phone, you can still load your saved progresses.

Join millions of players online

With millions of online players from all over the world, gamers in City Islands 5 will find themselves surrounded by friendly neighborhood mayors. Join each other in multiplayer activities as you explore other’s cities in City Island 5.

Complete quests and challenges

To make the game more rewarding, players can also choose to complete new challenges and quests that are introduced to them every day. Pay attention to your cities and look for new challenges. You can earn valuable prizes with them.

Awesome deals every day

Players in City Island 5 will find themselves having a lot of awesome deals every day. Spend the least amount of money while earning yourself epic rewards.

Free to play

With the game being free to play, you’ll never find yourself being forced to make any purchases to progress. Everything can be earned with time, and all you need to do is spend a little time every day in City Island 5 to earn your rewards. Download and install the game for free from Google Play Store right now and start enjoying.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful 3D graphics, players will find the simulated cities extremely interactive. The well-designed buildings and interactive people in City Island 5, will make you feel like you’re the actual mayor.


Peaceful soundtracks and on-them sound effects allow City Island 5 to deliver a truly satisfying city building experience.

About City Island 5

This is a sequel to the famous City Island 4 with over 30 million downloads. In the game, you will be the mayor who heads a small town on a pristine island. Of course, your job is to build your town into modernity. Also, send your balloon to explore new islands to expand your airspace. That’s where you will lay the foundation for your future city.

Scale development of the city

Most of the famous city building games like Dream Town Story or even Little Big City 2, you only have to manage one city. However, in City Island 5, you will own more cities based on the discovered islands. More specifically, each island has different themes and characteristics to build diverse cities. They lie hidden in the clouds and wait for you to climb the balloon to explore. Based on the topography and characteristics of each island you can build different cities. Alternatively, you can visit the neighboring cities or invite them to visit your city. With a large number of players, certainly, the size of the cities will be huge.

Because each building has its own building characteristics, it requires a lot of creativity. However, you can visit the neighbor’s city to learn and help each other. It is a great interaction in the game. Thus, you will have more useful knowledge to serve your development.

Build your dream city

To build your dream city, you will be very busy with lots of things to do. Specifically, there will be many events as well as tasks that you must complete to make money. With over 200 different buildings and 9 islands, you will unlock great contents. Each building must be upgraded and placed on different terrains, associated with each island. Upon completing the mission, you will receive a treasure chest, with many useful items. Especially, money and experience for you to level up and upgrade. Once there, you can unlock buildings and upgrade them more.

More specifically, you will own many modern buildings and bring a lot of profit when building. For example, cafes, hotels, restaurants, … In particular, you can enjoy one of the many small games included in those projects. That will make you not bored. Cities with many private buildings will become modern cities. In addition, you can discover many islands to build more of your dream cities. However, building in City Island 5 is a long process. It’s not easy to turn a wilderness into a bustling city!

This game is very fun

City Island 5 is the new and most popular city building game on mobile. It makes you really busy but very passionate about building. Its features are also varied with many missions, discovery activities, collection and upgrades. In addition, when completing the task you will have rewards and attractive treasures. The game brings the fun with dozens of islands for you to explore.

In addition, the game also scored points with a very attractive image. With fresh colors, vivid scenes make you feel like you are controlling the city in real life. In addition, the sound in the game is quite fun to watch the bustling life in the city. In addition, in each island different background music is changed flexibly and happily.

Unique Features of City Island 5

  • Many Treasures.This game makes it possible for you to gather resources which you can use to build your city. You’ll use the treasures to upgrade and decorate your city. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock topnotch islands and transform them into a metropolis.
  • Offline/Online Option.In this game, you’ll have the leeway to either play online or offline. You don’t need Wi-Fi or any other internet connection to complete the gameplay
  • Dozens of Exceptional Islands.This game offers numerous islands that you can explore and unlock. This way, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy adventurous gameplay full of thrilling challenges.
  • Watch Other Players’ Cities.As you continue to build your city, you’ll have the chance to assess what other players are doing. This allows you to stay on your toes as you try to outsmart your competitors.
  • Design Your City.You’ll have the chance to design your city and build it the way you want. This gives the gameplay a personalized touch, thus making it more interesting.

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