Dragon City Mod Apk 2021, Free Download-Anti Ban

Dragon City mod apk version contains unlimited gems as well as unlimited gold and unlimited food. All of the dragons are already unlocked and the arena which is a league type battle is also opened already. This version of the game does not require any kind of payment and is also totally safe. You can run it in all types of android versions this is also very easy to install and it does not requires much hard work to install it. Also, this automatically updates itself when it is downloaded and you also don’t need to root your android or PC to install the mod apk version.

Dragon City Apk
Dragon City Apk

Specifications of Dragon City Hack Apk:

App Name Dragon city mod apk
MOD Features Unlimited Everything
Size 265 MB
Version 12.8.2
Price Free
Updated 2 days ago

Features Of Dragon City Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited jewels
  • Infinite gold
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlock all dragons
  • All arenas are unlocked
  • Download for free
  • Completely safe
  • Compatible with all versions of Android
  • Dragon City Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Automatic update
  • Automatic synchronization with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Gives you Unlimited Gems:

Dragon City Mod Apk provides you unlimited money and gems. Gems are one of the most important things in dragon city and it is also not easy to acquire these resources in the game. You can get these resources from winning different combats, getting your level high and wining battles again and again.

You can use gems to buy many things also it speeds up your breeding and other materials including the up gradation of the dragons. The food can also be got using gems. Gems are basically the most important things because it can buy anything that the game consists of. Gems can also help to win the heroic race as it skips the missions that come one by one.

So, getting unlimited gems can help you to be the master of this game and that’s why this mod apk is best for dragon ball city fans.

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is one of the main things in this game is helps to buy lands and upgrade different habitats. You can gold from habitats and winning combats as well as after fights against your friends in a one vs one battle you can also get a little amount of gold. The gold can also be obtained by selling different habitats and dragons the legendary and heroic dragons are of very large cost but the rare and very rare are not of much worth. There are also some other ways to get gold. If your battle in the stadium you will also get gold and by battling the dragons in different events in the game we can also get gold. Gold can also be bought through gems.

With the help of this mod apk version you can do whatever you want with this huge amount of gold. The islands can be bought which will help you lay down many habitats and it also increases your level which can help you to become one of the great masters of the dragon city game.

Happy hour Dragon City:

There are many different kinds of dragons found in the dragon city which you can get in the happy hour but you cannot get all of them so easily some dragons are bought with the help of gems and to buy heroic dragons you have to pay for them.

But with the help of this mod apk all the dragons are unlocked. This will help you to win battles as now you have heroic and different kinds of legendary dragons so you cannot lose easily.

Ways of Gameplay:

In this game, you will firstly have a food farm and about two habitats you have to build buildings and many food farms and habitats which will help you to grow food and get gold. The more you get gold and food the more the dragons you will be able to buy and then you can make them stronger more quickly which will help you to win battles and other combats.

Battles and Achievements:

The more the battles you will win the more the achievements will be opened. The achievements may include gold gems and also a large amount of food. The battles can be fought in the arena and in different events that come in the game you can also battles different dragons in the stadium.

Breed creatures at will:

With the help of this mod, you can breed different kinds of dragons whenever you want. The more breeding help you get different kinds of dragons. The vampire and other kinds of creatures are also in the breeding sedentary.

Why use a MOD in Dragon City?

You can use the mod to save your time and to get directly stronger than ever. And you will have everything, you won’t have to wait for anything. Your friends who don’t have this mod have to wait to get gold, gems and then unlock the dragons but you will win the race because the dragons in your game are already unlocked.

How to install and download Dragon City MOD APK on Android

The mod apk file is very simple and it is also very easy to install this version.

  • Firstly go to the website and click the button.
  • Wait for the file to get downloaded.
  • Install the game when after the download.
  • After this follow the instructions that are on your android device.
  • Start the game and enjoy it.


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