Evertale MOD APK-Latest Version Free Download-Anti Ban

Evertale MOD APK is an epic monster capture RPG game from ZigZaGame Inc. This game will always bring back those classic RPG vibe. A game about Capturing aliens and monsters as Pocket own or Neo Monsters. Evertale MOD APK contains many amazing colorful graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Evertale APK Download
Evertale APK Download

Specification of Evertale MOD APK:

Name Evertale MOD APK
Size 71.5 MB
Current version v2.0.0.8
Requires 4.4 and up
Category Roll playing
Developer ZigZaGame
Downloads 1M +

Evertale Mod APK Features

Some of the basic important features of the Evertale APK are:

  • Unlimited silver.
  • Unlike others games, Evertale is a paid type of RPG game.
  • Access to unlimited weapons is available.
  • Quick recovery skills.
  • Evertale Mod Apk consists of Unlimited keys, money and everything.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Catch, train and get more than 180 monsters
  • More than about 100 different levels have been already unlocked.
  • Discover many legendary weapons and accessories.
  • Customize your character.
  • Build a strategy having hundreds of unique skills.
  • Connect to the game to compete in real-time PvP leagues.
  • Make your decisions in the visually appealing stories.
  • Various genres to choose.
  • Create your own awesome type of different avatar than others.
  • The game is always available in English, Portuguese.

Capture and upgrade monsters of Evertale

There are about two game modes where this game can be played offline and fully narrated, or create your team and compete in RPG Online conflicts from around the world. There are also many more benefits of exploring PVP mods as you will get more surprising perks and power-ups that can aid the progress in your game. If you enjoy the monster hunting games then you can try Evertale mod apk.

Collect and feed monsters

In order to make it easy to imagine Evertale mod, players can understand that this is a basic version of the modern Pokemon game. Players will start their exciting adventure in the world of fairies by participating in combats with different warrior monsters. We have to find a specific place to stay, the first thing is to look for monsters on the map and train them to become the true warriors at the service of our mission.

Evertale’s gameplay

Evertale’s gameplay is relatively very simple. Players will get transformed into participating in 4 v 4 battles to fight opponents in the world of Erden. The user will start from specific areas, tackle challenges and fight for the chance to win. The relationship between player and his fighters is very evident in every exciting battle. The strengths of the different fighters in each team are basically completely different. This makes the major difference between players and is also a kind of precondition for deciding to win the game.

Unlock new creatures

Evertale has a diverse creature system containing more than 180 different species. Each type contains its own characteristics, abilities, and strengths. Therefore, players can choose suitable options throughout their battles very easily. The Evertale mod game will take players to 6 different countries of the world to uncover mysteries and search for many new creatures. Rare creatures of Evertale will have more power than the normal creatures, so having those for our collection will help us to increase our advantage before each and every game.

In addition to the game, Evertale mod apk integrates the weapon and the accessory system to help power up warriors and creatures. Users can participate in weekly and monthly events to unlock limited edition accessories and other skills and afterwards use them to increase the power of the monsters.

Connect with other players

With real-time PvP battles in the game, players can form different groups to cooperate with other players. We can feel free to do this thing as it will help the players or the users to unlock more exciting rewards after winning some matches and enjoying with lots of fun. We can also participate in the single player mode to test our skills by competing in the game directly. While discovering many interesting things about the Eden’s beautiful world in each and every battle, they can accumulate experience required for other battles. You can go to many places to discover many mysteries and then participate in many battles. Everything on Evertale mod apk is something interesting that we shouldn’t miss.

Visual and sound quality of Evertale MOD APK


You can be in a mood of finding yourself totally addicted to the Evertale’s mod beautiful and fascinating world. Enjoy playing with the epic heroes and catch many cute monsters. Explore different evolution containing epic monster skins. And with unpretentious graphics, the game will be playable on your Android devices, which is absolutely fantastic.

Sound / Music

Besides powerful and shocking audio experiences, Evertale allows Android gamers to be fully connected to the game’s epic events and stories.

Guide to play

Here in this type I will explain some tips and guidelines for the users to follow and to become the most skilled player. In most cases, it always help you to avoid making any kind of mistakes that could cost you a waste of time. Let’s start with the first step here.

  • Your main task is to catch the monsters or aliens and then train them to evolve and get skilled. About more than 180 monsters and heroes are waiting for you.
  • Collect many unique creatures in 6 different locations in the Erden to gather and meet friends and enemies on your painful but adventurous journey.
  • There are also many legendary weapons, accessories and equipment which strengthens your warriors and get them into the rankings.
  • Create a very unique combination of strategies to devastate the opponents by performing hundreds of unique abilities against them.
  • Fight in the real-time PvP matches and then create cooperative guilds with your other friends and then earn rare and exclusive items.
  • There are also many weekly events which will help the user to participate and unlock special characters in the game.

Mode Information

In this sport of role-playing, the user will have a lot more fun and enjoyment in buying things from the store. Since the is very high, so the user can use the modified apk from which he will get these items.

How to install Evertale Mod Apk

  • Download the ”Evertale MOD APK” file.
  • Install the”Evertale MOD APK” without using the internet / WiFi.
  • Open the installer and complete the process of the game.
  • Allow it to be completely installed after accepting all the unknown resources permissions on your Android device.
  • Open the Evertale MOD APK application and enjoy unlimited free resources.

Congratulations,Now that Evertale Mod apk is installed on the Android device,now you can hack this game today and enjoy playing the game. This mod apk comes with some very cool features so download it and enjoy the mod apk after the above procedure.


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