Evony: The King’s Return Mod Apk v4.13.3【Unlimited Money】

Evony: The King’s Return MOD APK is a hybrid RPG/action/city-building game where you will become the king of the 7 kingdoms. Then, train soldiers to become a powerful empire. Campaigns allow you to complete missions or fight online against other players. On your base you can build many useful items that can help you. There is a built-in chat system with which players can communicate in real time. The first thing you will need to do is choose a  civilization. In the game, there are seven civilizations. To participate in mega wars, join the alliance. Which of the world’s kings will you become next? See what happens in the game.

Size 99MB
Version v4.13.3
Updated 14-7-2021
Available on PLAYSTORE

Evony: The King’s Return Mod APK Best Features

  • If you want to make the base of your village strong and lead your people, you have unlimited resources in Evony: The King’s Return.
  • As a member of a clan, you can win trophies at the end of the game, as well as a protective shield for 72 hours.
  • In order to unlock the characters, tools and other resources, you need money.
  • As the king, you have the power to attack other Evony: The King’s Return players.
  • The quality of their visuals is also excellent. The game and beautiful visuals can be enjoyed simultaneously.
  • There are various upgrade levels that allow you to train your unique troops with this mod
  • You get unlimited gems in this Mod. Unlimited gems are useful for creating buildings and heroes, as well as for defense.
  • A player can fight in the clan as a team against other players.
  • Before & after game start, no advertisements
  • A regular update.

Play as a King

As a king, you are a country’s ruler in times of war until Evony The King’s Return Mod Apk. A leader must build his strengths from every angle. An economically, diplomatically, and militarily stable country can qualify as strong.

But this isn’t an issue with an emerging empire because if you don’t need as much care from all three sides, that’s no longer an obstacle. Creating richer countries and stronger buildings is your main objective. I also trained my soldiers for service in the war.


In order to optimize the military, you should focus on technological improvements. You cannot fight with modern weapons if you do not also have modern technology. Your army will become stronger if you upgrade and update the Reforms, as both war and goalkeepers will be well supported. Your attacks become much more noticeable when there are multiple players in the game.

There will indeed be no destruction of a fortified stronghold and protection. However, even your most skilled troops can damage your kingdom. There is another exciting thing about it, which is that through 40 types of construction, the country will also be strong and rich.

Evony: The King’s Return MOD APK Cheats


How can I download Evony: The King’s Return Mod APK?

It is a third-party game called Eveny: The King’s Return Mod APK. You can download this game elsewhere if you cannot find it on the Play Store. Using your browser, you can download Evony: The King’s Return Mod Apk free of charge. When the desire page is opened, click on Download.

Evony: The King’s Return Mod APK: How to install?

Your mobile device should be configured to allow access from unknown sources after downloading. Click the install button after you have enabled unknown resources and opened the APK file. Make sure you enable Unknown Sources in Mobile Settings => Security => Privacy.

Is Evony Mod APK is available for PC?

This game is available for PC, you can play it using an android emulator that is provided by a third-party.

Evony Mod APK offers how many gems and resources for free?

It is possible to use as many gems and resources as you want in Evony: The King’s Return.


The only game with unlimited gems, gold coin, elixir, and dark elixir is Evany: The King’s Return Mod APK. Your defense will be strong and you will be able to attack other clans easily with all of these resources.  The game has every feature unlocked. Just download it and enjoy the game.



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