FM Whatsapp Apk 15.10.1 Download-Latest Version 2021-Anti-Ban

FM Whatsapp Apk is an app that approach with the complete and exceptional features which build up your standard WhatsApp screen to a variety new inspects screen with additional outstanding features. By using FM whatsapp apk users can contrive a lot of activities according to users require and it can also be improve in the unique form hardly for your crave demand. So look through this article up to conclusion to let you realize the exceptional attributes on FM what’s app.

FMWhatsApp Apk is an Unbound messaging app accessible for Android and any other mobile phones. FM What’s app can utilize your mobile phone Internet connection (4G/3G/2G or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you can text with anyone and call your friends and family members. Move from SMS (text) to FM what’s App to convey and collect messages, calls, photos, files, videos, documents.



FM whatsApp Apk is gives bundle of Amazing features than the Official application. This is the way for the demand of this app. It has millions of installations and quiet, the number is increasing.

FM Whatsapp Apk
FM Whatsapp Apk

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Cool Features of FM Whatsapp Apk:

FM WhatsApp provides the users with exciting features like hide double ticks, hide blue ticks, can see deleted messages and can see deleted status and much more like.

Custom Build:

The best idea about this app is that it provides full protection to contrive your application. Its method that you can remaking the color combination, interface of the app, icon design, notification bar and chatting. You will got a 100 different concept to which you can relate for creating your app further compulsive. You can attempt individual new daily and make your friends, Relatives revelation by appear the better associate of yours what’s App.

Anti-remove texts (messages):

You might be confidential with the text-removing feature of the original what’s App in which you can delete the text easily that you have previously sent to the other individual. Correspondingly, people send text to you and remove them which pop up very annoying and make you unusual. FM what’s App is benefaction the anti-remove feature for the texts. By manipulate this feature, you can see that what the further person has sent the text message you even he has deleted the text. 

Allow contacts to Contact:

Using this FM what’s App, you can simply keep away from avoidable and troublesome calls. You can comfortably select those contact who can call you in what’s app, interval all of the others must not call you without your authority.

To See A Deleted Statuses:

FM what’s app is an exceptionally amazing and a wonderful application as it has many of attributes that can better than the original version of what’s App. In this app, you can see those status of your friends, relatives which were already had been removed by the contacts. You can examine the deleted status at any moment you log in on App. This is the way that you can see and view what people are performing in your non-appearance.

Unknown-Contacts Chats:

You can easily text with the people who are not in your phone contact list by what’s App. There is no demand to save their contact Number as this application gives permissions you to send text directly.

Blue Ticks Hide:

FM what’s App lets the customer can secrete their blue ticks.. You can comfortably secrete your view from the status in your FM what’s app and can see text in your individual chats without even appear a sending report to the operator. You can moreover secrete the ‘typing’ position during gossip and also secrete ‘recording’ status when you are ready to send voice messages to your proximity through FM WhatsApp.

Archived Chats:

What’s app even encourage the use of the attribute in this application. “The Archive attribute that gives a allow to you to archive the chat” so this is the good option that helps you to find the contacts firstly

Hide your last Seen:

Using this app FM what’s App, you can comfortably quick-hide your last seen to everyone and don’t let others see your last seen. Additionally, you can comfortably see their last seen and view their online aspect as well.

Media Split Attributes:

Although, Original what’s app that allows the users you to send pictures and videos to your relatives, friends you cannot send the Big sized file and videos and additional than thirty pictures in a single text. FM whatsApp gives the opportunity to send pictures, videos, and any other files up to the size of 50 MBs easily. The inclusive media sharing attributes that limitation is about 1 GB which is lot of enough. This attributes is inconceivable amazing and it saves the lot of time for the user.

Gossips Privacy:

You can set down privacy on different consultation within the FM whatsApp very comfortably. Create the PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint locks to keep and secure your gossips conservative and secret without bear on privacy throughout the whole what’s App. This is an Amazing and a better opinion for that users who require to save the messages and files in the chatting.

Another Accounts on whatsapp:

Operate FM whatsApp, you can create two different accounts on what’s app comfortably without establish another app. It means that this whatsapp is giving you the opportunity dual and other account assistance by which the user can use two different contact numbers inside this version.

FM Whatsapp Apk Deleted Status:

Now a days due to many reasons, some of your contact may be trying to delete their status within due time but if you have the FM whatsapp then you should don’t have to worry because it has the feature to show you the deleted statuses of your contacts, and also there is an exciting feature that you can also reply on these statues even if these statuses are deleted and moreover, the most unique feature is that you can also download these statuses, if you liked them, There is also the most unique feature of FM whatsapp that the contacts whose status are you viewing will not be shown to your contacts that you had also seen these statuses.

FM Status Wording Selections:

In Original whatsapp, you can write or rewrite status by make use of a lot of characters barely and you cannot write in status anything at all on a unique page of the written status with the given limitations. In this case of FM whatsApp, you can use characters up to 250 words which is a largest number differentiate to the official one. This alter version of FM whatsApp has many of better attributes that are not given and available in the original application.

Themes of Fm Whatsapp Apk:

Simple Whatsapp allow the user to change the themes of this Application ? Basically, the older version of whatsapp has no option about that theme but in this application that provide the good qualities and great specifications to users 2 types of themes are included in this application.

  1. Dark Theme
  2. Light Theme

How you can approach?

Open whatsapp Apk, Click on Settings and check the display option user and view 2 options wallpaper and theme go to themes and choose any theme.

Gifs And Emojis:

There are many Emoji’s accessible on original whatsApp but a lot of Emoji’s are very simple, uncomplicated and most of them are used by all of whatsApp customer. Alternatively, FM whatsApp has different kinds of parcel of Emoji to which you can comfortably use throughout the consultation, modernize reputation and having chatting with friends and relatives. Your contacts in your phone list would be amazed to view such unique Emoji and stickers and Gifs and it would be exceptional fun. You can have to do with these Emoji’s and stickers and Gifs on your crack by using FM whatsApp.

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Video Call Attributes Awesome Feature:

  • By Operate FM whatsApp, you can comfortably make inactive

The video calling attribute and not at all let others make annoying video callings to you. This attributes is unnaturally great and makes yours app account more preservative. That allow most of yours app contacts to can make the callings and keep away from all others by video calls attributes.

Whatsapp Locking Attributes:

You are powerless to build on privacy on an original whatsApp by using its confederate. Occupy, in this case of FM whatsApp you can protect yours App contacts and hold on to your gossips completely protect by register pin code on this app. The fixed app lock can be registered to gossips too so that you can keep them individual.

FM Whatsapp Apk Groups:

In FM whatsApp, the people can make a lot off what app group of different kinds that depend upon users. Original whatsApp limitation the number of build on people to the app groups? User can use the FM whatsApp and add the participant  up to limits 500 peoples in a group while the limit exceed what’s app cannot add the users. It can only add up to our own Limitations.

More Info about FM Whatsapp Apk:

As you previously know about this App is a improve version of the earliest what’s App. But the question arises why should you use it? The answer of this question is that straight forward; for more visual experience and cool qualities, which are not nearby in the actual App. This App give a lot of liberation of customization, which permits you to customize the App according to your contentment. For example, if you don’t like this green outline of the original App, Want FM whatsApp Apk Group Links Check and then you can simply swap it in the alter version. That comfort can result in your attractive satisfaction.

The sole justification of this improve version is to give more attribute, user-friendly, and desired additions.

General Info Of Fm Whatsapp Apk:

App Name FM Whatsapp Apk
Size 51MB
Price Free
Latest Update 2 Days Ago

Benefits Or Advantage Of Using FM Whatsapp Apk:

  • Firstly,User can set wallpapers and can change  on the home affiliate of whatsApp.
  • Pick out to place an image next to the fantasy.
  • Pictures in chat outside/inside.
  • Images in groups outside/inside.
  • Viewing Entries outline Before Applying.
  • Choose Tab Underline color.
  • Line color in middle of text in key Screen.
  • Date Unresolved Message color in Main menu.
  • Date Color are display in  key Screen.
  • Mention different kinds of color in Main Screen.
  • Documents Text Color can be display in Chat monitor.
  • Mention color that can be display in Chat Screen.
  • Vote note play button color.
  • Voice pitch works to display play bar.
  • Progressive icon color.
  • Progressive background color.
  • Contributor Color.
  • Call obstructer.
  • White Navigation bar can be display for Android smartphones 8.0+.
  • Themes Store design protecting themes now automatically creates a .zip.
  • Brazilian to Continental covert.
  • Messages size not set off for Arabic.
  • Anti-delete text.


FAQS ON FM WhatsApp Apk:

Some Most Asked Question on FmWhatsapp are as fallow.

How do I download FMWhatsApp?

  1. Firstly, click on the link that have mention below and start installing.
  2. Install the whatsapp apk file
  3. Download the apk file that is display in your mobile screen
  4. Secondly, when the file is download next process is to open and register your account simply.
  5. Confirm and verify your code.
  6. Enjoy whatsapp apk.

How We Can update FM Whatsapp Apk:

  1. Firstly you will have to uninstall and remove the original what’s app and any other whatsapp application.
  2. Secondly, you have to click the link that has been mention below and install this app.
  3. Then, Save this file in your storage media to continue to download this app.
  4. Open Mobile Settings of your cell phone and then Security Settings of your cell phones
  5. Scroll down and click on the data administration option.
  6. Enable the option of our cell phone to allow to install this app in your device that says “download app from unspecified sources”.

Which WhatsApp is best FM or GB?

Both FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are great WhatsApp mods. The two apps are slightly different in terms of features. GBWhatsApp is more advanced and has some great features, FMWhatsApp is more practical and secure, and has more privacy features than GBWhatsapp.

Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp can be considered as a secure application. To date, there is no news that the app has malware problems. The APK we offer to you is completely safe, as evidenced by the analysis made by dozens of different antivirus programs.

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