Granny Mod Apk

Granny Mod Apk: On the first day you will be in a dangerous grandma’s house, hide and close doors everywhere so she won’t notice you. Also, pay attention to some things, if they make noise, Granny will come to you right away. By being careful you will be given 5 days to survive in this dangerous house.

Granny Mod Apk
Granny Mod Apk

Specifications of Granny Mod Apk:


Name      Granny Mod Apk
Package id com.dvloper.granny
Version 1.7.9
Developer DVloper
Size 98.77 MB
Category Arcade


Granny Mod Apk Features:

  • When we use an Android app continuously for a while, the player is likely to get bored with the game eventually, because the content of the game is limited. This has become a new concern for Android game developers. The creators designed the game with the best game modes and difficulty levels designed to test the user’s skills in a challenging dynamic environment, ensuring that the game does not fall into this category.
  • In addition to the challenging gameplay, the creators introduced the concept that if the player cannot escape from the house for a full five-day period, they will be trapped at home forever. So plan your game strategy accordingly and prepare to run away from the house because if you don’t, you will be caught and defeated by the zombie granny. So now or never.
  • The game is designed to keep you alert and prepared at all times because if you drop something on the house, you will be the victim of Grandma’s wrath. The player must make sure to keep his tracks covered, otherwise Granny wakes up and comes to hunt him. The moment he catches you he eats you alive and then the game is over. If you want to leave the house alive, make sure you don’t make any noise.
  • If you think the whole house will be against you then you can’t be more wrong because there are many secret rooms and lockers in the game where you can hide from grandma, so all you have to do is think carefully and find the best one. solution and walk around the house and play your game.

Download mod Granny – Escape from home to survive

Granny is actually a simple game with gameplay for those who love to chase. Of course, you are not actively following. If that psychopathic grandma finds out that someone is home, she won’t forgive you. 5 days is not a long time to unlock the entire room and escape. The feeling of excitement is probably the most obvious thing players feel while experiencing this game. The player can learn much more from the experience of when he is being tortured by Granny. Although his eyes cannot be seen, his ears are beautiful. Also, you can’t escape while he’s chasing him.

Run or die

Granny is constantly being updated to add new features that make it difficult for players to work. Any noise coming out of the room will increase grandma’s anger. No one is sure what he will do and will you survive those times? But’s recommendation is that, in any case, you should be good at least with this game. Granny gives it to players who have little chance of living. If Grandma doesn’t kill you, you won’t be able to survive after 5 days.

What to do when it is discovered?

How can the actor be safe if the grandma unfortunately finds out? I think many people will choose to run away to escape. But the truth is that it only serves to lengthen your life a little bit longer. Even if you’re a young man, your running speed doesn’t get any better than this psychopathic old woman. For those who want to continue living, the bed, wardrobe will be a more reasonable place. Cover yourself with this, because being blind is always less likely to be found. However, that doesn’t mean you can be absolutely sure.

Horror graphics, sound

GameDVA rarely mentioned graphics and sound in games unless it has something extraordinary. Granny is also one of those few exceptions, with horror elements coming mainly from visual and sound effects. I’m not sure if you play a game at night, would you dare to go to the toilet? Granny played a fun game, giving the player a play style that was both actionable and elicited many different emotions. Fear, uncertainty, anxiety… it sounds a little negative, but these are the things you have to deal with.

granny mod apk download
granny mod apk download

What’s more in Granny Mod Apk?

The game that requires you to walk through your grandmother’s house and discover hidden mysteries. The cheat mod becomes the icing on the cake, giving the user zero damage advantage, allowing the user to defeat their toughest opponents and become the best player out there. The ability will allow you to take more damage and help you play the game forever without any obstacles. With all its advantages, the cheat mod will become the choice of Android users.

How to install and download Granny Mod Apk on Android

The mod apk file is very simple and it is very easy to install this version.

  • Firstly open the website and click the button.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Install the game after downloading.
  • After that, follow the instructions on your Android device.
  • Start the game and enjoy.


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