Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City Mod Apk is a game in which you have to travel more than 12 square miles in a new Heaven city, a famous place in America with a great culture and architecture in history. Here you will face many famous gangs. You have to try your best to defeat the most powerful gang in this area to expand your territory.

Specification of Mafia City Mod Apk :


Name Mafia City Mod apk
Size 75 MB
Current version 1.5.4
Requires 4.4+
Developer YottaGames
Downloads 50M+


mafia city mod apk unlimited gold
mafia city mod apk unlimited gold

Features of Mafia City Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash
  • 9 Boulder
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Auto-update
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Unlimited gold:

Gold is the main currency of the game. You can use it to upgrade and build new buildings. With our mafia city mod you will earn unlimited gold in your account. Imagine how much this amount of gold will be helpful to you. The decision to buy gold with real money cannot be delayed indefinitely. Sooner or later you will have to use your money to move forward. So, don’t try to survive with just a few resources, enrich it with unlimited gold from our Mafia City MOD APK.

Unlimited money:

Another important currency needed to go further in the game is represented by cash resources. Instead of wondering how you can make more money or find new ways to gather these resources, you can download our gangster city. You need money to train soldiers for your raids. Use the mafia city mod apk to earn unlimited money on your account and train unlimited soldiers.

Live Rally Procedure:

Together with our brothers, we will corner our enemy and fight if words do not work.

  • Configure your clan’s powers and awaken these potential abilities.
  • If you don’t hit them here, they’ll crush you tomorrow.
  • One public presenter and an expert interpretation framework equipped to make one interpretation of all dialects one-to-one
  • Background and correspondence do not matter. There are only brothers and devotions here.
  • He rules everywhere with his brothers; Sit on the shore, go to the endless East and the world, and gather the group.

Four highlights from many criminals awaiting enrollment and more:

Warriors, the word ‘human weapon’ can in no way represent their violence. For them, the fight is simply a large lifestyle.

  • Shooters tend to use a wide variety of weapons, from sub machine guns to rifles, artillery and more.
  • Cyclists with numerous crushing trains that move, sacrifice and descend like lightning. Absolutely bad dream for all bullies!
  • It should be possible from the modified vehicle van to the military Hummer. There is nothing we cannot change, only things that you cannot imagine.
  • Compete to be the godfather in an amazing strategy game.

mafia city h5

If you are a fan of the Mafia genre, then you should know that the Mafia City game was developed by YottaGames. As the name suggests, the game revolves around underground events in many different cities. The game belongs to the exciting tactical RPG genre. Once in the game, players will experience the feeling of being the boss of a large gang and use their gang to earn money. Begin the process of making your gang the leader of the whole city and slowly invade the underworld.

HOW TO PLAY Mafia City Mod Apk: 

The game belongs to the type of strategy that makes players think about making the right decisions to strengthen their gang. A mafia boss must make the right decisions to make the right ones. Every decision you make will affect your entire gang. If you don’t want to lose in a fight with other mobs, be careful with all your options. As you start the game, you will be the boss of a small area alone, but your goal is to rule all cities. To do this, the player must complete all assigned missions to level up. After completing the missions, you will receive a bonus and EXP will be used to improve your gang. Fame is an important thing any boss should have. The higher your reputation, the more young will follow you and the gang will grow stronger.

Basic building:

The foundation is one of the most critical elements of the game, which will significantly affect the success of the gang. This is where players need to build before expanding the space into the surrounding areas. Players will need to build and upgrade facilities to be more productive. These not only create forces that can attack other mobs, but also create a force that will protect the base. Each facility will have a role to help the gang. For example Biker Camp, this is where you can train your soldiers, the motorcyclist is the main force for you to fight other gangs. “Fake” is where players use it to earn money and build their army. To gain more power, the player must update their insta. lations

Fighting other gangs:

To expand its field, the player will have to compete with other mobs and capture their territory. But before doing this, the player must make sure there is enough force otherwise other raids will destroy you. When you win, the player will occupy the territory of other raids and the player’s reputation will increase. If the player can invade the territory of different mobs, other gangs will also attack the player’s base. So save a power so that the base You can prevent your from being attacked by other gangs.

About the game:

If you’ve played Mafia-the PC before, you’ll definitely find Mafia City the way it is. With the rise and popularity of this game, the Mafia City cheat mod is already reaching the top of the charts. There is no turning back when you start playing this game. You will love this game and make sure you come to the end for the completion of your missions. There are many RPG and FPS games on the market, but nothing beats the strength and popularity that this game has. You will also meet many strategists and villains at the point of this game, but winning against them is the greatest achievement you can perceive.

Game history:

Mafia City is really cool as its audience chooses to continue later throughout the game. To reach the top level and become the Godfather, you must play and conspire against your team members. The underworld is the rule of this game and you will have to suppress your rulers to reach the top. There are many gangs and their members will always be against you. You will have to get rid of these opposing gangs and third parties so you won’t face any more obstacles in settling for the ultimate throne.

Game features of Mafia City Mod Apk: 

There are many new and innovative features in Mafia City. You can zoom in on the camera to a 360-degree angle and make sure your opponents are marking their movements. The graphic images prepared for this game are mind-blowing and offer a virtual reality environment for its players. If words and theories or even negotiations with third parties and your enemies don’t work, you’ll have to fight them. This game takes up approximately 54MB of your internal storage system. This game is also used for camera, people, etc. It also needs your cell phone apps permission. will be loaded.

mafia city cheats
mafia city cheats

Attractive story:

The context of the game has been determined over the last 30 years. After an unexpected fight with criminals, a taxi driver Tommy was accidentally pushed into the mysterious world of the mafia. At first, Salieri was uncomfortable with his family, but the money itself and the generous rewards clouded Tommy’s eyes, making it impossible for him to ignore this deal. After overcoming many limits, dangers and getting more money. However, the more there are, the more guilty it is. Tommy finally got Salieris’ respect (we were supposed to call it “respect”). However, this position also confuses him. He thought more, fought for the new life he had chosen by accident.

Dramatic game:

Mafia City simulates a real crime world when the game is filled with dark colors, violent actions, weapons and ammunition. Your mission is to play the role of Tommy to form a gang, participate in robbery missions, conquer and destroy other gangs. The most important thing is to compete for the superior position of the Mafia King. In addition, players have the opportunity to participate in online battles that take place daily. The game is available worldwide. No matter what language or nationality you are, you can participate in battles for the dream of becoming a “Godfather”.

Key features:

Various Missions in Mafia City Mod Apk:

In addition to destroying other gangs or plunging into a fierce war, Mafia City also has more than 20 horror missions inspired by the events of the past 30 years in the United States. Participating in these missions will bring you a new feeling.

Abundant weapons and vehicles:

There are 60 legendary cars with realistic design mechanics and operations in the game. In addition, Mafia City offers you various weapon arsenals such as machine guns, locked guns, shotguns, baseball bats … They will make your conquests more exciting.

Build your own base:

Your base is an extremely important place, so in order to unlock and upgrade other buildings, you must first upgrade it. There are many buildings in Mafia City that you have to build, each with its own effect. For example, a training center will help you build and unlock your army; The pirate market is where you can talk to your friends; Hospitals help you improve your health country. In addition, there are many other buildings to explore such as security center, investment center, black market …

Also, there are 3 powerful gangsters waiting for you to conquer, including:

  • Brawlers – wild characters class. For them, conflict is everyday life.
  • Shooters: Those who can use weapons from submachine guns to rifles, cannons and many more.
  • Motorcyclists – This type of character can control a large number of vehicles that can move as fast as light, which is definitely a nightmare for any gangster.
mafia city gameplay
mafia city gameplay

Multinational and multi-region game:

The game has only one server in the entire world. h is a very professional translation system that can translate almost any language. Therefore, the number of players in Mafia City is extremely large and varied in different regions. The basic principle in mafia is lack of tolerance. If you ignore this and don’t destroy the enemy today, the rival will He can die tomorrow.

Optimized content in Mafia City Mod Apk:

  • Optimized interface and upgrade interface.
  • Edit the original of “Tanker” and “Warrior”.
  • Clan Leader Acquisition has been optimized: The longer you manage the clan, the lower the acquisition cost.
  • Optimized GM Help Feature – Select and sort your questions for faster feedback.
  • Optimize the “Prioritize Cargo” logic during the selection of criminal activity: Change to prioritize “Heavy SUV”.
  • The red envelope has been optimized: a check mark will be displayed next to the name of the clan member who will give you the red envelope.
  • Optimized Mayor Selection: The mayor benefit can be viewed by clicking on the Mayor location on the official interface page.
  • Account usage ban: “Ban” information and reasons can be viewed after your account has been “banned”.

Corrected content:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the iTems interface to close after using the item.
  • Clicking on instant investment has resolved a problem, if there is not enough gold, no response could be obtained.
  • Fixed an unusual ranking issue when a person leaves a clan.
  • When the interface is changed, edit the interface.
  • Items in Max Crime Ops Boost cannot be used immediately after use.
  • Fix rank issues with symbols and skill names in Leader Ability.

Why are you using MOD in Mafia City?

It takes a long time and maybe real money to become one of the best Mafia City players. That’s why we developed this mafia city app for you. It is easy to install and use. You will get unlimited money on your game account so you won’t have to spend too many hours in the game.

How to install and download Mafia City Mod Apk on Android:

The mod apk file is very simple and it is very easy to install this version.

  • Firstly open the website and click the button.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Install the game after downloading.
  • After that, follow the instructions on your Android device.
  • Start the game and enjoy.


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