SKY CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT APK v0.15.5【Unlimited Map】

Sky Children of the Light APK allows players to journey through a beautiful and colorful world. It is a color that is completely soothing and brings the player comfort. Any individual will enjoy its meaning and what it aims to convey through your interactions. You’ll enjoy this game very much.

App Name Sky: Children of the Light
Publisher Thatgamecompany
Size 765 MB
Latest Version v0.15.5 (179644)
MOD Info All Map/Outfits Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Update June 30, 2021



Upon first playing Sky, players will be utterly amazed by what it offers. The wonderful environment that players will adore and eagerly anticipate exploring. At the same time, it doesn’t have too many solid effects, but only gentle and always mysterious spaces. The player will gradually understand the simple mechanics in the game in the beginning.

Players feel comfortable in a mysterious world with colorful effects and colors. It is a game where you go from place to place and don’t know what’s going to happen to you. Additionally, each location will have a distinctive color to draw players’ attention. You will also find that the journey will be filled with self-reflective stories if you’re a lover of exploration.

A third-person perspective is used in this game, and there aren’t many controls. As a result, it will appeal to adventure-lovers. When the player can rotate his/her perspective in the direction he/she loves, the vastness of the world in the game can also be observed. There is an awe-inspiring feeling as they make their way to the caves and encounter meaningful stories along the way.


  • Unlocked all maps
  • The entire wardrobe is unlocked
  • Flying does not decrease energy
  • Modding the outfit file does not trigger the integrity check
  • Menu Mod
  • An enemy who doesn’t attack (dumb enemies)
  • Stamina is not consumed during flight
  • Winningbuff doesn’t expire (you will see it expire)


A fairytale world filled with adventure and danger awaits you. The situation is calm at first, but then it starts to escalate. During your journey you will see places unimaginable to your imagination, so prepare yourself for random encounters. Find hidden objects as well as find secret messages.


User experience has been improved by developers. Sky: Children of the Light’s controls can be adjusted to suit anyone, regardless of their prior experience. It is designed so that everyone can quickly figure out what is required of them. An intuitive interface makes it much easier to understand what each tool does. The control of your character is simplified through special joysticks. Direct the hero on a particular trajectory with it. To get the best viewing angle, rotate the camera. A special panel collects unused tools so that the screen doesn’t become cluttered once again. They can be used to overcome a variety of obstacles.


Sky Children of the Light APK graphics are quite dynamic for a mobile game. These virtual worlds have a special palette of color that allows you to see details of them. All modern developments have been incorporated by the creators. A soothing melody plays in the background, but the characters do not speak. You can change it if you play a few notes yourself on a musical instrument found in a cache.


As far as play through difficulty is concerned, this is not a difficult game. It is still possible to have certain desires when playing the game. There may be a situation where you want to meet someone and chat, but you don’t have candles. However, there will be times when you will want to visit a new place, but the location will be inaccessible. You are invited to try an exclusive mod that allows players to use unlimited candles and unlock all maps.


Sky Children of the Light APK and its mod have been tested by our team. We can state with certainty that all the advantages described above are true. When you first begin the game, you can travel around the world freely. Furthermore, you now have access to unlimited supplies of candles, so you can meet new people easily. Follow the instructions below to download and install the game.

The game begins with your first task, which instructs you to reach the mountain castle. There is, however, an invisible wall blocking the way. Using a candle, our main character is able to open special portals. To do this, you must first find ghosts and receive their fire. A cave near here is home to ghosts who can show you a picture of their memories. The only thing you have to do is follow him so that you can achieve the desired outcome. As a result, you will be able to reach your destination.


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  4. When the game installation is complete, it is ready to be played!

Before downloading our modified version, do not forget to remove the original Sky: Children of the Light.



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