Snack Video Mod Apk V3.5.1.43 (Without Watermark) Free Download Latest Version

About more than 700 million users are using the snap video mod apk globally. Snack video mod apk is same as Tik Tok and it provides you a lot of fun with hundreds of cool filters. There are also many Cute, Funny, Makeup type and extra fantastic effects available on snap video mod apk.

Like many video editors available on internet, snack video has also made its name to be one of the unique and best editors in this endless era of streamers. The users can simply watch and enjoy the videos from snack video that they love the most. For those users who are streamers, they can edit anything they want in their video as many kinds of themes and filters are available in this app.

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snackvideo mod apk
snackvideo mod apk

Specification of Snack Video Mod Apk:

App Name Snack video mod apk
File Size 50 MB
Latest Version
Operating System Android 5.0 and Above
Downloads 700 Million+
Updated On 27 March 2021

Snack Video App Features:

Snack video mod apk contains many features which helps the user in many formats but some of its main features are shown below:

  • Unlimited Diamond (up to 10,000+)
  • Infinite Scoins for withdrawn
  • Unlimited likes (up to 10,000+)
  • Unlimited Followers (up to 10,000+)
  • Infinite Cash
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Fans
  • No watermark
  • No advertisement

Snack Video Description:

Technology has developed rapidly as time passes, especially on the internet. The creation of social media sites and apps is at the same level as the creation of mobile games. As a result, apps like TikTok have become popular across the globe. Snack Video is a new app with the same basic functionality but some additional features. We have less competition, so more followers are yours!

Snack video mod apk (unlimited likes):

The mod version of snack video contains an auto share features which helps you to get more than 10 thousand likes and followers instantly. The amount of likes can also be doubled if the video gets viral around the globe. In order to get famous everything requires something. It is very similar to Tik Tok but now it has also a mod version which basically built inspiration for users to get unlimited likes. When you will get many likes then more people will start to give you Scoins from which you can earn real cash and withdrawal it through pay pal.

Snack video mod apk (unlimited followers):

Snack video is a very cool app which just got famous in India while it was made in Indonesia. From this version of snack video the users will be able to get unlimited followers. After downloading the mod file everything will be free for the user to get. Without wasting time on getting followers by asking your friends to follow me and about all the things like that, it is much more time consuming but with the help of our mod version the user will get many followers in the blink of an eye. So snack video mod apk has unlimited followers and likes.

Snack Video Mod Apk without Watermark:

In the original version of snack video, whenever the user makes any video using the app he will always get a watermark which shows that the video was made by snack video. Now we have provided you the greatest version of snack video which has no watermark. If you want to bring back the watermark you can also do that but for most cases the user removes the watermark so that afterwards he can show the video to his friends and family members.

Unlimited Diamond:

Diamond is the currency that this app uses in making different purchases in the app. Firstly the users have to by the diamonds from original cash via PayPal then after the purchase the diamonds can also be transferred to any another account as a gift. The diamonds can be seen in the wallet that is found in the snack video settings.

Unlimited Scoin:

Scoins are the gifts that the user receives when someone gives him diamonds. In most cases streamers from Face book and YouTube get these kinds of gifts. The scoins can later be converted into real cash. The exchange rate of the scoins is that 100 scoins are equal to 1 USD which means that the Scoins can be withdrawn in the foam of real cash which is a fascinating feature.

What’s New after Update?

  • Bugs fixed
  • Added more likes
  • Added more followers
  • App crashes fixed
  • Added more features for video making

Permissions Required:

  • Check data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Record audio/voice
  • View USB storage Content
  • Make Videos and images
  • Download files

No advertisement: 

Snack video mod apk version blocks all the ads that waste your time and make you bored with it so it is necessary to download the mod version if you don’t want any ads to popup in front of you again and again. Like YouTube the ads are much alike in snack video as they give a timer of 30 seconds and then after 5 seconds gives a skip ad option.

Some More Features:

It is a small-sized editing tool for video content creation. Several social media platforms are available for signing up. The original version has some limitations, so you will need Snack Video Mod Apk Download for removing any watermarks. In order to start enjoying the videos of your favorite content creator for free, you will need to click on the provided download link. There are some more features of snack video but they can only be seen while you are making a video or watching any video stuff. Some more features of snack video are as follows:

Endless fun:

The videos are mostly funny and they create many happy moments in your life. You can watch those videos and even save them for later. You can also copy the music of those funny videos that you mostly like and then you can perform with that music as your own. As this also works on Tik Tok and other apps which are are circling throughout the globe. In order to have some fun and chatting with our friends we can use snack video apk, we can also add our friends through it and send them the videos that we have made through it.

Instant video downloading:

Snack video mod version helps you to download videos more quickly then the original version. While if you don’t have the mod apk version then their is a long method to download the videos. So one of the major features of snack video also includes instant video download from where l you can download all kinds of videos instantly and easily.

As we use vidmate for download YouTube or Facebook videos similarly with the help of snack video mod version we can download videos more quickly. The videos are also downloaded in full HD graphics and the downloading and running speed of snack video apk is also very fast which is due to its quick server which responds much quicker than other downloading app servers. so to download snack videos instantly we can use its mod version.

Reactions on video:

There are millions of videos available on snack video, their are also some videos that you like. In order to give a feedback to the video maker you can also react on it by clicking on the love reaction or the like reaction button. Famous apps and websites like Facebook and You tube also contain like and unlike button through which the owner gets to know how was his video.

Trending Pages:

The videos on snack video also get viral when they are seen all over the world again and again and due to its popularity it starts to show on the first or trending page of snack video. Every app has a trending page where their are those videos which are famous.

Great Camera Layout:

Snack Video Mod Apk has a great camera layout that allows users to create beautiful clips with beautiful templates and filters. With the addition of the greatest editing tools, people can make their own cuts and edits to their clips. In addition to adding text to the video, one can position it in a particular spot. There are many diverse genres in this application streaming, such as humor, sports, media, and more.

Snack Video Origin:

Snack video was launched in Singapore, it was made when Tik Tok was banned. Also it is a Chinese app and allows you to use all the material of different nations and cultures especially Chinese, Americans and Indians. It consists between the forty three Chinese apps that were owned by Beijing Kuaishou Technology Ltd.


  • How to withdraw Scoins?

To withdraw your Scoins you need to link your PayPal to your snack video account.

  • What are minimum and maximum Scoins withdrawals?

The minimum amount of Scoins that any user can withdrawal is 3,000 and the maximum amount of Scoins that any user can withdrawal are 50,000.

  • Is their any kind of extra charges in the process of withdrawing our fund?

No there are no extra charges in snack video but the PayPal or your respective bank may charge you some money while withdrawing your fund.

  • How long does it take to withdraw my funds?

It almost takes 3 days to withdraw your funds but if there is any holiday in between then it may take up to 5 days in order to fulfill the task.

  • Can I withdraw Scoins through payoneer account?

Yes the user can also withdraw Scoins through his payoneer account and it may take about 48 hours in order to complete the job and the most interesting thing is that it doesn’t charges you while you are withdrawing your fund.

Is it easy to use?

What’s the deal? It’s easy, like any other social media platform, to register. Then, you can also record stuff in the app and upload it! Put some fun background music so that it doesn’t get boring! Rather than watching videos that are only mildly interesting to you, you will receive a daily feed of videos that will win your heart. It works just like Instagram!

Snack Video Mod Apk Download without watermark:

The snack video mod version can be easily downloaded through the link given on the top of this page, it provides you many features that are enlist above. Follow these steps to download the exact format of the mod version.

  • Click on the download button give below the image of snack video mod.
  • Now wait for 30 seconds in order for the link to get visible.
  • When an ad will pop up in front of you, close it.
  • Your download will be started now and it can also be seen in the download bar.
  • After downloading the file allow all the permissions from the unknown sources.
  • Install the file in your android.
  • Enjoy the snack video mod version and it is also one of the safest version in its whole era.


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