Soccer Stars MOD APK 34.0.0 (Unlimited Everythings)

Soccer Stars is a great arcade application for smartphones and tablets that will appeal to all soccer fans. One of the characteristics of this interesting game before the analogs is that it is thought that they are simple chips instead of those that attend soccer games on the field.

Specifications of Soccer Stars Mod Apk:

Game NameSoccer Stars Mod Apk
Android Version4.4 and up
User Reviews4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv34.0.0
Last Update1 day Ago
Size57 MB

Features Of Game:

  • Easy and clear user interface.
  • Play this game online as well as in offline mode.
  • The graphics and animations look very realistic.
  • Customize the game in your own style.
  • Complete different challenges to win more gifts/money.
  • Play with your friends anytime.
  • Try to perform well and increase your ranking.
  • The gameplay is very smooth and easy.

KEY FEATURES Of Soccer Stars Mod Apk:

  • Online and offline multiplayer game
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Amazing ball physics
  • Online tournaments against players from all over the world
  • Play against your friends
  • Collect different teams and cups
soccer star mod apk
soccer star mod apk

Explaining features:

The developer of this game adds the following features;

Simple and exciting game:

The developer of this game enhances the game with simple gameplay, making it easy for players to play and win, as well as an exciting and realistic gaming experience.

Real competition:

Although the game seems very simple, the developer increases the level of difficulty with the ongoing competition within the game. As a player, you will challenge your opponents, which can be anyone from all over the world.

Hence, the developer opens the multiplayer option for the players. Ultimately, the developer gives the player the option to play this option with friends and family from all over the world.

Offline play:

To further increase the excitement of the game, the game developer also offers the offline game mode. So even if you don’t have an internet connection in any area, choose to go offline play.

Realistic graphics:

The game developer engages the audience with the unique feature of the game by adding realistic graphics that help to bring a very lifelike gaming experience to Android gamers.

Multiplayer Soccer Stars Mod Apk:

Kick hard, but kick smart. Give the ball to your best players, challenge your friends and use the multiplayer function, fight against the best teams in the world. Be strong and correct the penalty, this is your game and win the World Cup. Take that perfect photo!

Simple, intuitive and extremely fun gameplay:

Get completely immersed in the great game of soccer in this exciting new Soccer Stars mobile game. Join in simple but fun matches that you can enjoy with an accessible soccer game. Shoot your disc player towards the ball, aim the ball towards the target of the enemies controlling the direction and power. Defend yourself and win the game by fulfilling the given objectives. The simple and fun gameplay will definitely impress most of the Android players on Soccer Stars.

Accessible touch controls for optimized gameplay:

To make the game more interesting, it is also possible to enjoy your Soccer Stars experiences with the touch controls accessible in the game. Here you can freely control the puck players and the ball, using intuitive touch gestures to guide your shots. Adjust the power simply by dragging the arrow, in this game you will find yourself having fun with the intuitive and fun touch controls.

Take part in a series of epic soccer levels in the game:

While enjoying the game, it is also possible for Android players in Soccer Stars to have fun on various exciting levels of the game. Here you will have access to many different matches with a variety of opponents. Go through multiple levels with different difficulties and always delight in reasonable progress in the game.

Realistic ball physics and interesting map settings:

And for those of you who are interested, you will find yourself in a position to fight your opponents on multiple soccer fields, each with its own unique and interesting matches. Feel free to immerse yourself in the amazing game while taking advantage of the great ball physics and interesting map settings in Soccer Stars to effectively guide the movements of both your player and the ball.

Compete with friends and players online in great tournaments:

To make the game more interesting, Android players in Soccer Stars can also enter the epic online game with their friends and other online players. Here you can have fun in many tournaments of the game, quick games and interesting battles in real time with players from all over the world. Feel free to play against real people while enjoying your entertainment to the fullest. Win against your friends and earn your bragging rights as you go.

Feel free to share your memories online:

For those interested, you can always have fun with the interesting Soccer Stars game and share it with your friends when you are ready. Just take snapshots of your unforgettable in-game moments and share them on your social media with just one tap. Keep the moments to yourself or share them with others.

Enjoy the game in offline mode:

And to make the game more interesting, you can play it completely offline. However, it is possible to have fun playing Soccer Stars without having to connect to the Internet. Although this disables your online play with your friends, you can still have fun with most of the exciting games available on your mobile devices.

Gather different teams and customize your board:

In addition to the interesting gameplay, Soccer Stars players can freely customize their experience. Get into the game with the many features and items available. Here, you can easily collect different teams, customize your boards, and have fun playing your soccer game under various conditions. We are making Thoyunu much more fun and interesting.

Have fun with many interesting mini-games:

And if that wasn’t enough, Soccer En Stars, you can have fun with many interesting minigames that allow players to fully immerse themselves in the exciting game that is completely different from the others. Play Slot Machine, Golf and many interesting minigames currently available for you to discover.

soccer star mod apk
soccer star mod apk

Play in your preferred languages:

To make their in-game experiences on Soccer Stars even more interesting, it is also possible for Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the in-game experiences with many language options. As long as you enjoy the game in the languages ​​of your choice, have fun with Soccer Stars and never find yourself outside.


There are many different modes in the game and they are all online. First, there is a standard opportunity to play one-on-one against a random opponent. The game automatically matches the player of the same level. You can choose a continent to play; entry fee and win conditions depend on it. Each game costs twenty-five coins. The winner receives fifty coins. You have to score two goals, whoever did it first takes it all. Also, there is no time limit on the game.

When you reach the third level, you gain access to championships. They also depend on the continent on which the ticket price and the total prize depend. You have to win every game to win the championship. Play all you want, no need to start over. It is enough to win the required number of victories in any number of attempts.

There is also an interesting Penalty Run mode in which you have to score as many goals as you can in a given time. The balls and chips that block shots are constantly changing position, and you have to navigate fast and score goals. Score at least ten goals in forty seconds to claim your prize.


Physics is another feature of Soccer Stars. The ball on the field behaves as it should in real life. Depending on the force of the impact and the trajectory of the ball, it can fly to one place or another. Therefore, you must correctly calculate the force of the blow to make the correct combination and score a goal. Football Stars is an air hockey view, but here you can only control a few tiles on the field, giving the game more variability and tactics.


No longer do you need to memorize complex key combinations and demonstrate responsiveness by pressing five buttons at the same time. Everything is very simple in Soccer Stars. Soccer players here are the usual round objects. There are five such objects on the field at the same time. They know how to shoot at goal, protect their property and score good goals. So all you have to do is regulate the force of the blow and calculate the trajectory of the ball.


In addition to a variety of online modes, Soccer Stars offers you a convenient opportunity to play with your friend and have a good time. Log into your social network via Facebook and see who has installed this app and then invite them to a duel. You can make this even easier and take turns playing with a friend on the same device. Challenge your friends and show that you are the best Soccer Stars player.


The game is designed in a 3D style to help you get excited about experiencing this game. Graphics are arguably one of the main factors you should consider setting up a game. It is also the factor that will make you feel comfortable while playing the game. In particular, they will spend a lot of time immersing themselves in the world that affects them. As a result, time spent with the game often passes very quickly.

It is a soccer-themed game, so you will be able to find familiar elements in this game. Everything is combined in a single game for you to have the real experience of participating in a tournament, from the players to the stadiums. At the same time, you can easily observe athletes on the field.

You will observe the characters from a third perspective and you will be able to see many athletes on the field. This allows you to see the best scores to pass and score. The viewing angle also makes it easy to see your beautiful superstar silhouettes.


This game offers you an accessible game for beginners. In particular, you will not be the character and will have to overcome the defense. This requires that he always operate the controls constantly so that he does not lose the ball. But for Soccer Super Star it is the opposite; you have to navigate with the ball in the direction you want.

The game gives you a special situation for you to put the ball in the goal. Anyone can do this, so those new to controls will love the gameplay. While it is not complicated in the game, you will face many challenges at different levels of play. You will practice at easy levels and gradually improve your skills.

You will need to take many different shots in any position. In front of the castle, it is not always possible to stop and hit the ball inside. You will have to go through many defenses and create combinations with other characters on your team. This requires you to consider the lines so that your teammates can catch the ball quickly.

You can experience the ball of famous players as well as basic strokes. For example, a player can use a ball spring to help his teammates catch the ball. It also allows you to express yourself and make yourself feel that you are a world-famous athlete.


Football Super Star is a new game format that provides a unique experience. In this way, players can participate in matches and show off their skills. To achieve the goal of each level, you must consider many things. With exciting gameplay, many users have uploaded this game to experience and feel its fun.

The game requires average configuration in order to install and run the game stably. So that everyone can experience this game. At the same time, not many effects are added, so you don’t have to worry about your playtime being interrupted. Currently, the application is being appreciated on Google Play thanks to the interesting experiences it offers to players.

Soccer Super Star is a soccer game. You will control your character and add points to the opponent’s goal. It all happens with a single swipe to move the ball the way you want. This makes it easier to reach new players. You don’t have to constantly move your fingers, you just have to find the best way to get the ball into the goal. There will be soccer star skills you can do. While playing Soccer Super Star, you will be impressed and experience the experience of being an athlete!

soccer star mod apk
soccer star mod apk

Comments for Soccer Stars Mod Apk:

Steel YT: A great game to challenge your friends and others. This game is also a lot of fun if you want to take a chance and play with a really high amount. Although it requires strategy (and sometimes even skill), I love this game. A minor problem is that the game crashes unexpectedly. But still, as I said, a great game for you is known as Soccer Stars Mod Apk!

Yusuf 6W: The game is great! But there is a problem: when you win a match, you get lower coins than required. For example, you play in South Africa and you have 100 coins. You spend on the match, so now you have 0 coins. Then you win the match, but instead of 200 coins, you get 184 gold. Please fix this and I’ll give this game five stars

Jagdish Chander – I’ve been playing this game for years and I don’t play that often anymore. I keep coming back to him. The overall gameplay is very good news. However, it would be great to see more incentives and better rewards in daily challenges, as the coins can become insignificant unless they are completely depleted.

How to install and download Soccer Stars Mod Apk on Android:

The mod apk file is very simple and it is very easy to install this version.

  • Firstly open the website and click the button.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Install the game after downloading.
  • After that, follow the instructions on your Android device.
  • Start the game and enjoy.


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