Theotown Mod Apk 1.9.79a (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) For Android

Theotown mod apk is the game about the virtual world .million of users download this game already. Because of its graphics are so beautiful. Do you want to built your own city if yes then,in this game we can built a city according to your own willing .we can built road and building and players can built home land. Players  can decorate their town and making them eye catching. You built a city and do something new.

In this mod Apk we provide you following three things.

  • Unlimited Diamond.
  • Supply water and energy
  • Unlimited Money.
  • No Ads.
Theotown Apk download
Theotown Apk download

Specification of Theotown mod apk:


Game Name Theotown mod apk
Version v1.9.61a
Last Update 3,April,2021
Size 66 MB
Category Simulation


Features of Theotown mod apk:

Some Unique Features of theotown mod apk are as follow.

City traffic help us to grow our city. In addition to the new buildings that have emerged, players must also build a diversified transport system. Train stations, airports and bus stops are public transportation vehicles that play an important role in reducing traffic congestion. Consider some solutions such as limiting private transport or opening new routes. When the city really grows, the development of more roads cannot be ignored. This directly affects the work of TheoTown residents.

Energy sources:

Electricity and water are key factors that help stabilize the lives of people living in the city. Build energy resources to support production and people’s lives. It can generate electricity from hydroelectric or wind power. The water guarantees absolute safety based on rigorous testing. TheoTown brings you a lot of problems to solve. From a boss’s point of view, compensation is sometimes required to get the city out of a crisis.

Building in Theotown mod apk :

Iconic buildings of the city cannot be ignored. The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or some other artifact will help create a highlight for this place. Spend some money to increase the beauty and make more people know more about the city you are building. Increase in the number of people beneficial to the player.


A forest located by the sea has potential when it becomes a beautiful urban area by the player’s hand. High buildings, rivers, changing cities, modern transport systems, ports … The game offers you creative possibilities for your unlimited growth from forest land. Download TheoTown’s mod to prepare a plan for expanding the city and developing it.

Graphics of Theotown mod apk :

While the game does not have flashy and impressive graphics like SimCity Build best city building games, City Island 5 and so on, TheoTown still manages to impress players with its detailed and well-optimized in-game visuals. However, you’ll find every element of the game highly identifiable and intuitive, thanks to clever graphic designs. And most importantly, with accessible graphics, you will definitely find the game playable on most of your Android devices, even your low end phones.


I hope you have to build a beautiful city, and you can do something new too. Extreme weather events can also help you “clean up” the beautiful city. In an instant, everything will turn into a wasteland, no houses, no roads, nothing. This feature is also very useful for those who need to create a new city but do not have a solution. With regular updates for “Blueflower”, the game will be adjusted and many more great features will be added. It supports a lot in the long run for the user.


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