Westland Survival Mod Apk v2.1.0【 Unlimited Food + Craft 】

Westland Survival Mod Apk is one of the best games. Prove you’ve got the salt to survive in harsh conditions of the Wild West. Download Westland Survival APK for Android to join in the action in a MMORPG game where your survival hangs in the balance. Build your home, defend your land, and explore this massive open world to make a living and bring justice back to the people.

There are many different and unique stylish types of games available in the market, but very few are holdings different and unique concepts compare to those same mainstream games. It feels good and looks fabulous when you play games with a different theme, storyline, and gameplay compared to your friends playing the same mainstream boring games. If you want to explore something different and unique in the gaming arsenal, you are in the absolute right place.

Specifications of Westland Survival Mod Apk:

Name Westland Survival
 Compatible with Android 4.1+
 Last versionv v2.1.0
 Size 100.93 Mb
 MOD Menu: Free Craft
 Category Adventure
 Developer Helio Games
 Price Free

Westland Survival MOD APK Features 

  • Division of things: Including individual items.
  • Crafts and construction without resources.
  • Points in more.
  • All drawings are available immediately.
  • Coins in plus.
  • Weapons force and Full equipment.
  • Quick trip on the map.
  • Maximum health.
  • New horses in your camp.
  • First aid kits do not end.
  • New permanent events and assailants on the map.

About Westland Survival

Westland Survival is a Westland-style survival role-playing game by Helio Games. Many people say that this is considered a clone version of Last Day On Earth because the two games have similar gameplay. The difference is that this game has a Western America context, so it has bright colors and not horror like LDOE. If you love cowboy themes, love riding around in the West and solving everything with a gun, great, this is the game for you.

The storyline

The West is an ideal land for criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, and even murderers. Why are these outlaw people being so free? Laws in the West are things that these criminals implicit convention. Even the police can sell a decent person in exchange for a handful of dollars.

There is no right and wrong, here only the weak and the strong. To survive in the West, you need to learn how to fight and protect yourself. Your character is a trader. When passing through this land, the carriage was attacked by a bandit, causing the entire people to die, leaving only you alive. Now, revenge is the only thing that motivates you. Find the guys behind this and give them to the gallows, or you can solve them quickly with a gun.

Learn how to survive

The robbers took away all of you, your property, your friends, your weapons, … Now you only have two empty hands in the middle of a desert – a strange and dangerous land. The most important thing now to keep you alive is food and water. You have to start collecting the few remaining items and some items can be used. Fabricate some tools from stone and wood, then use it to exploit, hunt and manufacture.

When night falls, the dangers appear. At this time, a house is not a bad solution. Collect wood and stone, you can build a small house enough to keep you safe from dangers lurking. They can be a bandit or hunting animals at night.

Trading with native people

If you have too many unnecessary items, you can sell it to the natives in exchange for some money or exchange for the items you want.

Watch out for hazards

Of course, besides health issues, you need to be ready to deal with the dangers around you. There are many people who want to take your life, they can be robbers, a bounty hunter or predator. Even other players also want to kill you to steal the items you own. The best way to protect yourself is to prepare powerful weapons and train your combat ability. When you level up, your health and strength are also increased.

Living in the Western-style

Besides survival activities, Westland Survival is an ideal game for you if you have the dream to experience life as a true cowboy. When I have free time, I like to walk around the map or shepherd while on horseback. You can participate in some intense gunfights between cowboys to receive bonuses. A lot of interesting activities that you often see in Western cowboy movies.


Not only good gameplay, but Westland Survival’s graphics are also very beautiful. The game has 3D graphics drawn with a realistic style, vivid images, bright colors. The third view gives you an overview of all the details. Graphics style with western American style in cowboy films. On the radar at the corner of the screen, the red arrow refers to your enemies.

Massive online survival game

In the game, you’ll explore different areas in the Wild West to find various ores and other resources which you can then use to build things and expand your claim over the land. You’ll be able to craft items for yourself, such as clothes, things for your house, and more.

As you wander through the lands, you’ll encounter all the dangers of the land – and none is more dangerous than other players! People will be out to rob, kill for fun, or otherwise do you the wrong way, so make sure that you’re ready to defend yourself against all these threats.

The game has mesmerizing console-level graphics, which definitely adds to the fun when playing it. You’ll feel like you’re actually present in the game, which makes it even more fun to play through for hours on end.

Tips for playing Westland Survival APK

If you’re going to survive in this massive game, then you’ll want some pro tips from experienced players – here are some of the ones that we’ve found to be the most useful while playing the game.

Clear out your home base: You’ll start in your home base – you can find a broken wagon with a knife in it which you’ll use to kill everyone in your home base. From here, you can begin building a home.

Build your house ASAP: Get out there and chop down some trees to get timber, and then get to work on building your first house. This will allow you to set up a work bench and store items, which is essential for leveling up in the game.

Protect your house: You’ll quickly realize that a very convenient way to get more resources is to steal them from other players. Obviously, the other players have also wised up to this fact, so your house will be a target. Make sure that you’re investing time and resources into protecting your house and making solid walls. Also, try to keep one eye on it to ensure that your stuff isn’t getting lifted!

Build a well ASAP: You’ll be able to build a well once you’ve reached level 8. Don’t waste any time in doing so! You’ll need this to get water in the game, which is essential for your survival.


WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK is a modified and alternate valiant of the official WESTLAND SURVIVAL, which was developed initially by helio games. As you already know, there are many items and tools you need during your adventures journey is looked and second things if you cant able to appropriate mission, then it is not possible to unlock all those features. Still, you can use real money to unlock all those things, but that’s the worth of hard-earned money, so we are here with this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK.

In this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK, you will get many premium benefits for free and all future upcoming updates of VIP membership without even spending a single penny. Enjoy unlimited gold, unlimited money, access to newly introduced weapons, and so many things after having this mod Apk. It’s time s to build a stable for your horses, explore the territory searching for precious minerals and resources, attack enemies, and make them aware with your famous cowboy enter in a different world with this mod apk.

Customize your hero

How cool is it that you design your heroes according to your choices give looks, clothes, tools, and style as you want? No compulsion to follow any law and rules. With this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK Make your powerful heroic look cowboy by choosing a suitable face type, hairstyle, beard, skin colors, hair colors, and dress types.

You can use these tools very smartly by adopting an American and Indian look whenever needed to do business. Make them fool and it even suitable for to saving yourself in needed by changing your identity anytime. If you continue changing your identity, know nobody came to understand who is behind the destruction of your rivals.

Fight against your rivals.

Exploit natural resources like trees, gold, and diamonds and enhance your thrilling weapons. Powerful weapons and enough resources are the most comprehensive combat strategy to win any game. The battle for survival is the ultimate mission you have to win. But it isn’t easy for you to fight against your competitors. Practice and build sharp skills set, then go for the battle with gangsters, get unlimited pistols and rifles, or support system.

Choose your area to fight like texas, Arizona, Mexico deserts, etc. Trains your horses for tough times and finds more treasure, minerals, and valuable resources than your competitors build an edge over them. If you train hard as well as have enough resources, nobody can defeat you in the game.

Collect precious ancient items

The game has so many hidden treasures and ancient relics that have huge worth and many ancient weapons, so the more you explore hame, the more you will get something precious. Follow maps and make the strategy to go unexplored place be the first one who lots precious items. Do mining and use special intel to make your customizable tools and weapons.

As you already know, WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK provides you with unlimited gold. Hence, if you find any duality in getting gold, there is no need to worry about it because you already have enough gold to make any customizable tools and weapons whenever needed. These all such incredible features make games much more enjoyable.

Build your own Wild West ranch

Collect all necessary items, defeat your enemies, and don’t forget to make your wonderful stable for your horses and one wooden castle for your rest. It takes lots of time to get in the position where you could build your own Wild West ranch. But with our WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK, you could all the desired very quickly and very early in the game.

Wood logging, mining, deer hunting

Don’t leave any precious resource of the town and continuously keep exploring every place precisely. Mine everything you find in your, whether it’s gold, silver, diamonds, or any other precious commodity. Always keep your home full of food in case of any emergency, so hunt as many deer you can save the food for a long time survival.

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