WhatsApp Plus APK Download-Latest Version 2021-Anti-Ban

WhatsApp Plus is an application which comes with the exclusive and unique features which upgrade your old WhatsApp screen to a new looking screen with extra unique features. By using WhatsApp plus users can personalize a lot of things as according to the user’s demands which could also be modified in the unique form according to the user’s demand. So that you have to read this article till last end of page to let you know about the unique and cool Apk features of WhatsApp plus.


WhatsApp Plus Apk
WhatsApp Plus Apk

Due to the passage of time, people always want to find out the new ways to advance themselves and also in the respect of IT. Now in the world of IT people have find out the new ways to communicate each other like using of instant of messaging applications in which the most common one is WhatsApp which is now being downloaded and downloaded by billions of users. Now due to the passage of time people want more cool features of WhatsApp therefore we got WhatsApp plus Apk.

WhatsApp plus is one of the admired currently using Apk around the globe over millions of users that downloaded it because of WhatsApp plus cool features. Sometimes due to specific reasons users didn’t like some features of WhatsApp plus so that we can also suggest you some other Apks like YowhatsApp, Gbwhatspps, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp aero or somehow users again turn towards the WhatsApp plus.

WhatsApp plus Apk is now more common in downloaded users due to its specific privacy conditions due to its extra secured messaging conditions due to which users can feel more secured.

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Cool Features of Whatsapp plus Apk:

WhatsApp plus provides the users with exciting features like hide double ticks, hide blue ticks, can see deleted messages and can see deleted status and much more like.


       By using WhatsApp plus you can personalize your home screen, chat screen, app logo, font style, and much more features through which users can customize a lot of things and also you can change theme too.


       WhatsApp plus provide us extra exclusive features like you can text the unsaved contact directly instead of saving the contact number first.

Privacy in Whatsapp Plus Apk:

       WhatsApp plus provides the users a greater level of privacy on which you can also put privacy check or can allow specific contacts so that they could not see your double tick, blue ticks, and there are many other extra privacy features also.

More emojis:

On the conventional WhatsApp there are only standard emoji’s that are used by its users which are quietly bored. Now due to new introduced emoji’s on other platforms like Google handouts , snapchats or etc. So, this kind of problem might be solved from WhatsApp plus. Since it also used the emoji’s of google Handouts, which means that’s its users can send more emoji’s according to their choices. Only WhatsApp plus users can send the new emoji’s to each other which means that WhatsApp plus user and conventional WhatsApp users cannot send the special new introduced emoji’s to each other.

Anti Ban Feature:

WhatsApp plus Apk has an Anti Ban Feature.

Auto-Reply Message:

WhatsApp plus has the extra features of other social media platforms like WhatsApp Business provides you the feature to reply automatically to the specific contracts according to your choice and need.These all cool and exciting features also comes in WhatsApp plus through which you can set an auto reply message.

Whatsapp plus official:

Conventional WhatsApp is using all of its contents up to more secured and valid ways but on some points it lacks like you can personalize or customize your WhatsApp theme, fonts, color, app logos, and wallpapers up to some specific level. But on the other side on WhatsApp plus you are all free you can send more files, can choose more emoji’s, can set more themes, can change app logo or color, can also change font with too many types, can manage screen up to a level you desire and also some other features that make it special like freeze blue ticks, show blue ticks after reply, show the delated status.

App Name Whatsapp Plus Apk
Size 52.3 MB
Price Free
Latest Version 4.2

Important Features of WhatsApp plus Apk:

  • WhatsApp plus can provides user an end-to-end secure encryption.
  • You can personalize your Home Screen.
  • Can personalize your Chat Screen.
  • You can personalize the font styles as you desire.
  • You (User) can personalize the upper header color.
  • User can see the status of contacts without letting them know.
  • User can also see the deleted status of contacts within 24-HOurs.
  • WhatsApp plus gives you the permission to see deleted chats.
  • This WhatsApp plus provides HD video calling.
  • WhatsApp plus allow you to send video files of more than 30 seconds.
  • It has quick file sharing feature.
  • Due to privacy reasons you can freeze blue ticks.
  • Allows you to change the tick color or styles.
  • Allow you to change the sound notifications.
  • You Can change the sound notification of specific contact.
  • Allows you to change the LED notification color as your desire condition.
  • User to send large files up to.
  • Allows you to download bigger files.
  • You can change the logo color.
  • Can change the logo also.
  • You can change the logo description.
  • Allows to setup pin or password security on WhatsApp plus.
  • WhatsApp plus also have backup feature.
  • User can divide chats and group sections individually.
  • Allow you to connect WhatsApp plus with PC WhatsApp version.
  • It has two major theme setup for both night or light mode.
  • User can personalize themes from theme gallery on WhatsApp plus.
  • WhatsApp plus gives the features of the conventional WhatsApp too.
  • You can hide recording status from other contacts.
  • WhatsApp plus provides you the message counter for chat screens.
  • Provides you permission to see the contact’s profile pictures.
  • Provides you the feature to zoom in the contacts’ profile pictures.
  • You can also call your contacts or also can use group call.
  • WhatsApp plus is now cooler due to bugs fixed in new version.

Unique Features of WhatsApp plus Apk:

Freeze blue tick:

User can set up privacy in case he or she didn’t want to show their contacts that they have seen their message due to any reasons.

Freeze Double tick:

In some cases users want extra privacies so WhatsApp plus provides you the feature that only single tick will be shown to your contact. If they had message you and even if you had red it till when you don’t reply them.

Show Blue Ticks After reply:

Sometimes due to privacy reasons we want don’t want to show our contacts that we have seen their message. Therefore this feature of WhatsApp plus will helps us a lot since Blue ticks will only be shown when you reply or message your contacts.

Who can call you?

User can also set privacy limit that which contact can call you or which contact cannot, this feature only comes in WhatsApp plus and lacks in conventional WhatsApp.

Can Hide Status View:

User can setup privacy limits that even when you had seen the status of your contacts. Then still it will not be shown to your contacts that you had seen the status till only. When you don’t click the double click icon or reply on the status.

Can view deleted Status:

WhatsApp plus provides you the feature to see the deleted status of your contacts within 24-hours without letting them know. There is another exciting feature that you can also send reply on the deleted status.

Can view deleted messages:

WhatsApp plus provides you the cool feature to see the deleted message of your contacts from chat or group screen. And also again there is a cooler feature that you can reply on these deleted messages. Or also you can mention those messages.

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How can I download WhatsApp plus Android:

Here is The Link To Download The Whatsapp++ Apk. After The Download we install the Whatsapp plus app by Using following Way.

How can you install WhatsApp plus for free :

Follow these little steps to download the WhatsApp plus Apk:

  • You must have an internet connection
  • You must have an Android phone.
  • Logout the previous WhatsApp if you have
  • When the download complete than just install the Apk. sometimes after downloading your android didn’t allow the Apk files. So to install so for this problem, you should go to setting and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • After installing the Apk, Your WhatsApp plus would install in your android.
  • Open the WhatsApp plus Apk and BOOM. You finally installed the latest version of WhatsApp plus. And here you can customize your WhatsApp like you want.

FAQS About WhatsApp Plus Apk:

Some Most Frequently Asked Question By People Are.

Which is best GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus?

In the conventional WhatsApp it is headache for its users that they can send data file up to 16MBs which is sometimes small, In case you are sending bigger file.But WhatsApp plus introduced a new feature in which you can send data files up to 50MBs. You can also set the file sharing limit between 2MB to 50MBs.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe 2020?

We suggest that WhatsApp Plus is not safe to download and use in 2020. The third-party application is not as secure as the official WhatsApp and its use may impose a ban on WhatsApp for at least a lifetime. While it offers you more features than the official one, we think it would be better for you to ignore WhatsApp Plus and stick to the real thing even if it looks better.

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