Youtube Music Vanced Free Download-Latest Version 2021

Youtube Music Vanced is a Sounds catchy, but I am sure you are wondering what this app really is? And indeed your curioxsity is apparent as you are reading this article. Well hold your horses and catch your breath, because here you will get to know everything there is to know about this unappreciated and so very much underrated application.

About Youtube Music Vanced:

If you are thinking what vanced means then let me tell you. It is not even a word, but what the XDA Developers mean by this is “modified, fastened and an improvised version of the real app, which off course lads here is YouTube.

It is a fast yet adaptive app and is perfect for YouTube surfers. Youtube Music Vanced offers features that even the YouTube itself does not offer. Moreover, YouTube Vanced is not at all a heavier app than YouTube which is quite unbelievable because it offers way more features than YouTube which means more programming has been done to make those features possible hence that programming taking more of space but XDA Developers sure did a good job in not burdening their users.

Cons for Content Creaters:

Before diving into the detailed explanation of each and every function there is one thing I want to say that YouTube Vanced might not be the best option for the content creators and regular uploaders because the YouTube app might provide better uploading speed but without any doubt, it surely is the best option for the viewers or surfers of YouTube, it is in fact better than YouTube itself for them.

Youtube Music Vanced
Youtube Music Vanced

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Main features of Youtube Music Vanced:

Now the main features due to which this application dominates YouTube are

  • Built in Ad-blocker
  • Background Playback
  • Force HDR Mode
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom For All Devices
  •  Casting Toggle
  • Secondary Themes
  • Video Window Style
  • Repeat Videos
  • Preferred Resolution & Speed
  • Swipe controls for Volume & Brightness

Built in Ad-Blocker:

I have been using YouTube app from quite a long time; almost since it was unbanned in Pakistan and over the years this department of YouTube faced an evolution. First ads were there in a very limited amount and almost negligible, then the ads became more frequent and then over years not only the frequency increased but also the duration. But everything was bearable until last year where you have to see 2 or 3 ads at a time before watching your desired video which is not only frustrating but also kind of absurd.

Well I being a bearer of good news tell you that with Youtube Music Vanced you don’t have to worry about this issue any more because YouTube Vanced has an built in Ad-Blocker which blocks all the ads and you might not believe me but you really don’t have to see a single ad while using this app. Hence not only saving your time but also entertaining you endlessly without any interruption. Imagine you are watching a movie on YouTube app and you have to see an ad after every 30 minutes, how frustrating and disappointing is that. Well you are lucky because now you have YouTube Vanced.

Background playback:

If like me, you are a music listening freak and you find that your favorite band just released its new song on YouTube and you want to hear that song while working, driving, riding etc. but that is only possible in YouTube app as long as your mobile is powered on and screen as awake, which means you cannot listen to it without either draining your battery or having the fear that you might accidently touch somewhere else on your mobile screen and having to reload it and all.

What to do in order to solve this problem?

Well here is a thought, why don’t you install Youtube Music Vanced which allows you the magical feature of background playback. You can listen to your songs or audio books with your mobile screen off as well as using your mobile to do anything else, for e.g. using Instagram. Could it get any better? Well it does.

Force HDR mode:

HDR or high dynamic range mode lets you see more details in your photos and videos by widening the exposure range. You can use this mode to see videos without losing details in bright and dark areas this means you will see a better quality of video.

Now I know some of you might be thinking what if Youtube Music Vanced offers it, how is it a big deal because YouTube also has this feature? But what you guys don’t know is that not all phones support HDR mode in YouTube. And YouTube does nothing in this regard but what YouTube Vanced does is that it forces every phone to support HDR mode whilst watching videos on this app. This does not means YouTube Vanced will  100% support HDR mode in very old phones but it surely will support it in 3 to 4 years old phones from now, which is indeed very cool.

Override Max Resolution:

After playing its role in supporting HDR mode the second wonder Youtube Music Vanced performs regarding video quality is it overrides maximum resolution of a video supported by mobile. For instance, if you have an old or low feature mobile don’t worry, YouTube Vanced here will help you in watching the video in best resolution your phone is able of producing. One more thing to clarify is that if your phone runs a video on 720p resolution, this very app will force it to play the video at 1080p.

Pinch to Zoom for All Devices:

This is a very special feature of YouTube and its presence varies from mobile to mobile. Its purpose is to widen the screen, hence showing a larger view. But  this feature is only present in mobiles with taller aspect ratios. Now one might think that people with mobiles of not such aspect ratios must feel left out, not being able to use this feature, but once again YouTube Vanced comes to the rescue. This app allows pinch to zoom feature for all devices on all videos. Therefore, giving a wider and larger view which you cannot have from YouTube app and hence giving it one more advantage over YouTube.

 Casting Toggle:

If you have multiple devices connected to your Wi-Fi and you want to cast the video you are playing; on one device and then other device simultaneously then you can easily do this with YouTube Vanced but not with YouTube. Youtube Vanished Casting toggle or switching between alternate cast . You also have the option to force off this feature even if you have casting devices nearby.

Secondary Themes:

YouTube Vanced was offering dark theme way before YouTube. But the real disappointment is that when YouTube really gave the feature of dark theme. They did not use a pure black background. Hence no battery saving with the OLED panels but with YouTube Vanced you get a pure black background so by using this app you also save countless valuable energy. Moreover, to further win the competition YouTube Vanced offers theme not only in white and black background but some other colors as well. It is possible that your favorite color can be your theme color but not with YouTube, only with YouTube Vanced.

Video Window Style in Youtube Music Vanced:

Some people find YouTube’s new minimized video window not likable. For them Youtube Music Vanced offers them to choose between the new and the old style. Hence offering more choices in this regard. One of the biggest advantages of YouTube Vanced is that it helps you customize your YouTube window panels more and more.

Repeat Videos in Youtube Music Vanced:

You are listening to your favorite music on YouTube and you want to listen it on repeat. Would you restart the song every time the song finishes? Well YouTube Vanced solves this problem as well; it has a feature of auto repeat for your such desires. You just have to enable this feature and enjoy. And this happens not only for music videos but for all videos.

Preferred Resolution and Speed:

Another interesting feature of YouTube Vanced is that it also has an option for you to set the resolution of videos at which you want to see your videos. You can also set the preferred resolution according to your wifi. Speed of a video means the speed with which the time of the video will elapse. You can also set this according to your preference.

Swipe Controls for Volume and Brightness:

For me, personally this is one of the best features. Because if you are watching a movie and you want adjust brightness, it is frustrating to bring down your control panel again and again and lose the visual of video. Similarly, it is tiring to adjust volume again and again through pressing the buttons. Because it allows you to perform all these action just by swiping up and down. You can adjust brightness by swiping up and down at left side of the screen. You can adjust volume by swiping up and down at right side of the screen.


YouTube Vanced also has a click to join discord server feature.

Could watching videos be any easier, better and cooler? I think it is foolishness to choose an app having very less and inefficient features over an app having so many extra features and when it is not even very difficult to install. Also YouTube Vanced is a perfectly safe application.

YouTube Vanced is momentous, more entertaining and definitely more easier with all the ad-blocking and such features. I hope my explanation of everything was ample for my readers to understand everything.

How can I download Youtube Music Vanced Android:

Here is The Link To Download The Youtube Music Vanced. After The Download we install the Youtube Vanced by Using following Way.

How can you install Youtube Music Vanced free download:

Follow these little steps to download the Youtube Music Vanced:

  • You must have an internet connection
  • You must have an Android phone.
  • When the download complete than just install the Apk. sometimes after downloading your android didn’t allow the Apk files. So to install so for this problem, you should go to setting and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • After installing the Apk, Your Youtube Vanced would install in your android.
  • Open the Youtube Music Vanced and BOOM.


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