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YoWhatsapp Apk is an app that comes with exclusive and special features that enhance your conventional WhatsApp screen to a brand new looking screen with extra cooling features. By using YoWhatsapp users can customize a lot of things. According to their needs and it can also be modified in the special form only for your desiring needs. So read this article up to the end to let you know the cool Apk features on YooWhatsapp.

YoWhatsapp is one of the popular current Apk around the whole world with more than a billion users. I have downloaded this app due to its cool and unique features.YoWhatsapp is Also Known as WhatsApp yowa. However sometimes due to Customer specific YoWhatsapp is not liked by customers, therefore, users will download alternate apps like Whatsapp plus, FM WhatsApp, GB Whatspps, WhatsApp aero or sometimes again turn to the YoWa Whatsapp.



YoWhatsapp is like among all types of users due to its special mods due to which its users can feel more secured in terms of privacy conditions.

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Cool Features OF YoWhatsapp Apk:

YoWhatsapp comes with exciting features like hiding blue ticks, hide double ticks, and can see deleted status and much more like.

  •   Customize :

                     By using YoWhatsapp you can customize your chat screen, home screen, font style, app logo, and much more as you desire since it has a ton of huge variety in theme gallery,

  •   Unique:

       YoWhatsapp has huge unique features as you can also text unsaved numbers directly without saving first the number in contacts.

  • Privacy:

       YoWhatsapp gives us a higher level of privacy on which you can put a privacy check on allowing specific profiles so that they can’t see your blue ticks, double tick, and much more.

  • Super cool:

       You can also use the newly introduced emoji or emoji other than the WhatsApp emoji and also you can customize your WhatsApp according to your desire.

  •   Send Large Files :

       Yowhatsapp also gives you the access that you can send files up to 700MBs.

Why Yowhatsapp on conventional Whatapp:

Conventional WhatsApp is best in its all features and also using the best secure encrypted method to make your conversation from outside the world.But at the same time conventional Whatsapp lack at some points that you cannot set your tick privacy on specific or all profiles, cannot message to unsaved contact, and cannot download the status you like.

So due to these lacks, sometimes you want an extra super app so that you can also perform these tasks and now you can also download Yowhatsapp for all these exciting features.

In case you don’t like the Yowhatsapp you can also uninstall it and can download the conventional one or some of these exciting ones:Whatsapp plus.FM Whatsapp,Gb Whatsapps,Whatsapp aero.

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Important Features Of  YoWhatsapp Apk :

  • YoWhatsapp provides you end-to-end secure encryption.
  • You can customize your Chat Screen.
  • Allow You To customize your Home Screen.
  • We change the font styles.
  • You can also change the upper header color.
  • It also allows us to see the status of the other without letting them know.
  • Yowhatsapp gives you permission to see a deleted messages in chats.
  • Yowhatsapp includes hundreds of languages to set up your app’s language.
  • A new Azerbaijani language also introduced in yowhatsapp.
  • It gives you permission to see the deleted status.
  • It gives you access to hide ticks due to privacy reasons.
  • Allow Us To you to change tick condition for all or single contact.
  • We change the sound notification for group chat.
  • Allow changing the specific single contact notification sound.
  • We change the LED notification for each group or chat.
  • Allow sending files up to 700Mbs.
  • Gives you permission to download the bigger files.
  • We can change the logo color, and change the logo also.
  • Allow changing the logo description.
  • You can also set up password or fingerprint security on your WhatsApp.
  • Also, Provide back up your storage.
  • You can also split chats and groups individually.
  • We connect it with the WhatsApp web for PC use.
  • We use light mode and night mode at the same time.
  • Allow changing your theme of WhatsApp any time from the theme gallery.
  • You can also use all the features of conventional WhatsApp.
  • Provide you to pin more than 100 chats.
  • Message counter also presents for personal or group chats in YoWhatsapp.
  • Allow seeing the profile picture.
  • You can choose a different symbol instead of a tick on the chat screen.
  • We can zoom in the profile picture also in YoWhatsapp.
  • You can also call in the group or personal contact in YoWhatsapp.

Unique Features of YoWhatsapp Apk:

  • Privacy:

Convention WhatsApp does not lie on privacy matter totally as according to the present needs, Since due to the changing of time people are trying to get more secure in terms of privacy matters which was even not a big issue for them in near past since at that time users at the online world were totally new but due to changing of time, Now the world of internet needs more facility since they may face some problems at online due to which now they need some extra type of features so that they can feel bit comfortable.

Like other field users at WhatsApp need more privacy in the past so for them, we got a new type of WhatsApp apk known as YoWhatsApp Apk which can help them to make relax at some points. Like:

  • Freeze Single tick:

You should don’t have to worry in case you don’t want to show your contacts that you have seen their messages and their message is delivered

  • Freeze Double tick:

You should don’t have to worry in case you don’t want to show your contacts that you have seen their messages but the message at the same time has sent to you.

  • Show Blue Ticks After reply:

you can also set up conditions so that till you don’t reply to your contacts, your previously unmarked or freeze ticks will not turn to the blue ticks on the contact’s chats screen.

  • Only who can you:

You can also change the call privacy so that you can set up the condition that which contacts can call you or which contact cannot make a call to you, in case the contact you didn’t want to call you will call you then its call will hang up until it will reach to you, So this will give him the impression that you are offline yet.

  • Can Hide Status View:

If you don’t want to show the contacts that you have seen your status so that that you set up the conditions from the setting which provides you the privacy from which you can see the status of the contact without letting them know.

  • Can view deleted Status:

In case your contact deleted the status without letting you see so that you can again at yowhatsapp see the deleted status within 24 hours.

  • Can view deleted messages:

In case your contact deleted the message without letting you see so that you can again at yowhatsapp see the deleted message without letting the contact know that you have seen their message.

Unique Mods Of YoWhatsapp Apk:

  • App language

You can setup many different languages for your YoWhatsapp so that you can choose your desired language on your WhatsApp.

  • Disable Audio playing Notification in Status Bar

Whenever you play some audio file on your WhatsApp, The audio playing symbol popups on the notification bar of your mobile phone and make you irritate ate some time that why this popup here, So in Yowhatsapp you can also change the setting so that it would never popup again and still you can play the audio file.

  • Close the conversational Screen by swapping Left to Right

you can use a shortcut in Yowhatsapp so that you can close the chat screen by just swiping the finger on the chat screen from left to right just.

  • Change the Launcher Icon

in case you want to change the icon of your WhatsApp, so don’t worry because Yowhatsapp provides you the feature due to which you can choose any icon from dozen of icons at the icon gallery.

Chat Screen Mods Of YoWhatsApp Apk:

  • Hide Contact profile picture

In case you don’t want to see the contact’s profile photos, so in Yowhatsapp you can enable the feature from setting from which you cannot see the profile photos of your contacts.

  • Hide Contact name or call button in YoWhatsApp Apk

In case you don’t want to see the contact’s name, so in Yowhatsapp you can enable the feature from the setting from which you cannot see the names of your contacts, and also you can enable another feature through which you cannot see the call button of your contacts.

  • Set custom wallpapers on specific contact

In Yowhatsapp you can also setup conditions so that you can put custom wallpaper on your specific contact background chat.


Home Screen Mods Of YoWhatsapp Apk:

  • Change the font size on the home screen:

You can change the font size on the home screen in yowhatsapp so that you can see more easily the written texts on your WhatsApp home screen.

  • Set your name instead of WhatsApp on Top Header:

You can also change the WhatsApp written on the top header with your custom word to make the custom look on your WhatsApp from your setting.

  • Online contacts notification:

Yowhatsapp has also a good feature that gives you a notification in case your contact is online at present time or came to online mode just now.

  • Hide Chat Dividers Mod in YoWhatsApp Apk:

In you conventional WhatsApp there is some dark light line which makes the two different contacts separate from each other.But in yowhatsapp if you want to remove this divider, you can do it from settings

How can you install Yowhatsapp Apk free download:

Follow these little steps to download the YoWhatsapp Apk:

  • You must have an internet connection
  • You must have an Android phone.
  • Logout the previous WhatsApp if you have
  • When the download complete than just install the Apk. sometimes after downloading your android didn’t allow the Apk files. So to install so for this problem, you should go to setting and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • After installing the Apk, Your Yowhatsapp would install in your android.
  • Open the YoWhatsApp Apk and BOOM.You finally installed the latest version of YoWhatsApp.  And here you can customize your WhatsApp like you want.

Yowhatsapp Update:

unfortunately, we Provide You all updated information about the yowhatsapp update. For this, you should have to allow the notification ON.

Yowhatsapp Apk Download Link:

Here is the link To Download The WhatsApp Latest Version. Click here

FAQS About YoWhatsapp:

Some Most Ask Question About The Yoowhatsapp is as fallow.

How do I use YoWhatsApp?

The top of this app has a menu and swipe the screen left or right: Chats, Status, and Calls. This top menu also offers us a camera on the left.

How can I hide my online status on YOWhatsApp?

Hide Archived Conversations: You can archive chats and also hide archived conversations. For that, go to YoMods ==> Home ==> Modes ==> Hide Archived Chats. Settings for privacy options ==> Privacy ==> Hide post ==> online status ==> hide blue ticks ==> double check ==> last seen ==> view status ==> etc. Go to option.

Is YOWhatsApp safe?

However, that doesn’t mean YooWhatsApp is a 100% safe app. In fact, there is no 100% secure software development. YooWhatsApp is a MOD of WhatsApp Messenger and thus a version that uses the source code of the official app and modifies it to include new functions.

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